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about 20 miles from Oxford
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182 years of bookselling experience
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Latest offers:
Robert Lyall :  The Character of the Russians and a Detailed History of Moscow and also containing  A Dissertation on the Russian Language and an Appendix which contains Tables, Political, Statistical and Historical, An Account of the Imperial Agricultural Society of Moscow, A Catalogue of Plants Found in and Near Moscow, An Essay on the Origin and Progress of Architecture in Russia &c. &c. London, Cadell, and Edinburgh, Blackwood, 1823,  639 pp. with 13 coloured aquatints including a fold out panorama of Moscow and one uncoloured aquatint, 9 black and white engravings (2 fold out) being a total of 23 plates and also a large fold out engraved plan of Moscow, with three woodcut/diagrams in the text. The text pages have a wide margin and the text is clean apart from some light offsetting from the plates onto the text and a small amount of foxing on a few pages. The black and white engravings have some light browning/foxing, generally at the edges of the plates. There is some overpainting on the fold out coloured panorama aquatint of Moscow. Marbled page edges.  The leather and marbled boards have come away from the binding and the spine is missing. There are two 4 cm (1.6 inch) tears in the large fold out plan of Moscow which do not affect the city plan. One black and white plate which has a small fold out section at the bottom is frayed at the bottom edge. The coloured aquatint opposite the title page has two frayed corners. 
The size of the book is approximately 22 x 28 cm  (8.7 x  11 inches). £ 6400


Sitzungsberichte der preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften -  Physikalisch-mathematische Klasse  for the years 1922 – 1938

( Proceedings of the Prussian Academy of sciences – physics and mathematics section ) 
The set contains 26 Einstein first editions alone

Unique collection of theses dating from the 16th to the 20th century.  So far 376 titles have been described here, approximately 150 more are still to be listed. Subjects: Classical antiquity, theology, history, zoology, botany, physics, chemistry. The majority are in the medical field.


1815, Napoleon’s return from Elba, "The Hundred Days - Les Cent Jours " 
posters and newspapers, a collection 

Albert Einstein 27 first editions of his lectures 1922 - 1933

Les Petits poètes français et belges – the Collection Juliette Decreus
A collection consisting of the following 115 titles, mostly in original wrappers or covers
Many/most are with authors’ handwritten dedication to the Belgian literary critic and poet
Juliette Decreus-van Liefland. Where her name is not mentioned in dedications, these were
still meant for her as this collection for a large part came from her library in the 1960-80-ies.

Our stock of J.R.R. Tolkien editions

Fritz Lometsch,  4 titles from the library of a Hamburg publisher
Alt-China.  Acht Originalschnitte       -----     Wanderbuch meines Lebens. Ein Rückblick.
Farbiger Abglanz. Ein Skizzenbuch.  -----      Häuser und Jahrhunderte Historische Bauten der Stadt Kassel

Jews and Slavs. 25 volumes (completed in 2016 )

List EMF 138: Russian books

The Tale of Igor's Campaign and Palekh miniature  Edition de Luxe
of the medieval epic of the Kievan Rus'.
about h 43.2 cm x w 29.8 cm x d 2.0 cm. Moscow, Academia, 1934

Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo: Aurelij Augustini Prima Quinquagena
Basilee : Iohannem de Amerbach, 1497,
full details and images HERE

Me'ah Berachot from a private Collection in  New York .
An 18th-century miniature book of blessings and prayers.
A fine limited edition of 550 copies: 400 copies printed on vellum and 150
copies printed on a specially milled parchment paper. This is copy 495
ISBN 0 948223 146    (out of print )     £ 595

Vehmeyer, H.M.,
Clocks: Their Origin and Development 1320-1880. 2 Volumes.

Unique present from Oxford : Silk Scarf: Oxford City and the Broad

The Oxford Bestiarium [bestiary ]
Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms. Ashmole 1511, Southern England, 12th Century

Codex Sinaiticus
A Facsimile Published in 2010. Hardback, 832 pages, 340 x 420mm, 822 colour illustrations £495.00
weight about 20 lbs. A beautiful facsimile of the world's oldest Bible.

David Roberts The Holy Land * Egypt and Nubia.
2 folio-sized volumes. Published by the Folio Society (out of print )
All 247 Lithographs In The First Ever Large-scale Reproduction  £1750

Tolkien, J[ohn] R[onald] R[euel]
The Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit. The Silmarillion 5 Volumes.
One of the numbered sets of the leatherbound Folio society edition

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5 Volumes.
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James Joyce Ulysses
Limited edition in full leather

Siborne, Captain W.,
History of the War in France and Belgium, in 1815. Containing 
Minute Details of the Battles of Quatre-Bras, Ligny, Wavre, 
and Waterloo. By Captain W. Silborne. 2 Volumes + Folder 
with all the Battle Maps. London. T and W Boone. 1844, 
second edition 
N o w    s o l  d

Codex Sinaiticus 

A Frans Masereel collection



The last Costume ball in the Winter Palace .(1903)
2 volumes. (Kostiumirovannyi bal v Zimnem dvortse ) Bi-lingual English-Russian edition. £ 425.00
2003. Edition of 4000 copies One hundred years ago the office in charge of editing the State papers started work on the creation of a unique album : that of photogravures and photographs of the guests at the costume ball that took place in the winter Palace on 11 and 13 February 1903. The participants all wore 17th century clothing. In the end it was the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna herself who became the editor-in-chief of this album. Only a few copies of the original album survive in libraries and private collections. This edition is not a reprint of that rare 1904 volume, but it is an attempt by the publishers to show the guests of the ball as we see them today, one hundred years later. 


DEMIDOFF, Anatole de, Prince of San Donato. 
Voyage dans la Russie  méridionale & la Crimée par la Hongrie, la Valachie & la Moldavie  exécuté en 1837...par MM. de Sainson, Le Play, Hout, Léveillé, de  Nordmann, Rousseau et du Ponceau...Gihaut Frères, [1838-1848 ] 

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Calderón de la Barca, Pedro, (  1600-1681 ) 
Comedias del celebre poeta espanñol Don Pedro Calderon de la Barca, Cavallero del Orden de Santiago, Capellan de Honor de S. M. y de los 
Señores Reyes Nuevos de la Santa Iglesia de Toledo, que saca a la luz Don Juan Fernández de Apontes, y las dedica al mismo Don Pedro Calderon 
de la Barca, etc., Madrid, Viuda de don Manuel Fernández e Imprenta del Supremo Consejo de la Inquisición, 1760 – 1763. 11 volumes bound in 10 volumes.  Extremely rare complete set



Nikolaus Ludwig Graf von von Zinzendorf 
(1700-1760 )  A unique collection

MONTUCLA, J.F., [Jean Etienne, 
1725 - 1799]
Histoire des mathématiques dans laquelle on rend compte de 
leurs progrès depuis leur origine jusqu'à nos jours ; où l'on 
expose le tableau et le développement des principales découvertes 
dans toutes les parties des mathématiques les contestations qui 
se sont élevées entre les mathématiciens et les principaux
traits de la vie des plus célèbres. Nouvelle édition considérablement
augmentée et prolongée jusque vers l'époque actuelle . P., Agasse, 
An VII/An X;  4 volumes




Old wallpaper
Broad street

Heidenheim, Hanns H., Woodcuts of the Bible. 5 Volumes
5 volumes in folio. splendid edition, one of 300 numbered copies printed by hand from original woodblocks on hand-made Japanese paper. All prints signed by the artist/printer. Bound bloc-book type in oak-tanned cowhide, covers embossed from woodblock. Folder and slipcase covered in hand-made paper, main title and masthead of the volumes are also woodcuts. Düsseldorff, Ursus presse, 1965-1970. Splendid set. 



 Tolkien: Lord of the Rings. 
3 volumes  First edition 1954/1955
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Clairmont, Christoph W. Classical Attic Tombstones.  6 Text Volumes and One Plate Volume and Supplementary Volume. 
together 8 volumes £145



Vincent M. Holt 
Why Not Eat Insects ?
ISBN 0854550240
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PRINTS and other works of ART
Ackermann's A history of the university of Oxford etc..

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Vincent M. Holt 
Why Not Eat Insects ?
ISBN 0854550240

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The Holkham Bible 

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Zabelin, I., (1820 - 1908 )
Moskva v eia proshlom i nastoiashchem. 
Roskoshno-illiyustrirovannoe izd., posviyashchennoe pamiyati I.E. Zabelina V izdani prinimaiut uchastie D. N. 
Anuchin i dr. Redaktsiia G. Balitskogo volumes I (1-2); II (1-2); IV  (also marked 7) ; VIII, IX, X, XI, XII  in  fine new half leather bindings 

Helmut Ricke: Glass Art. Reflections of the Centuries. £12.50

Vincent van Gogh - The Letters.The Complete Illustrated and Annotated Edition. Six volumes slipcased with a CD-ROM of the letters in their original languages
The Curzon Gospel
Volume I: An Annotated Edition; Volume II: A Linguistic and Textual Introduction
Edited by Cynthia Vakareliyska
1,344 pages | 246x189mm
978-0-19-921679-6 |
Publisher's Price:  £310.00 /
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