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John Ogden: Antique Drum, 2019, 300 pages, 4 maps, hardback in dust jacket. The 3rd and last volume in a  trilogy £ 15.99


Published on 1st November 2019 by
The Old Barn - Walnut court
Faringdon - SN7 7JH

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Antique Drum completes the trilogy A Military Education in which Miles Player, a young officer in the Prince Regent’s Light Infantry, narrates his experiences of growing up in the British Army in the 1950s, which in many ways were closer to the 1930s than the 1960s and were the final days of the British Empire. Miles continues the story covering fighting in Kenya, the Suez Crisis and a small war in the Aden Protectorate.

ISBN-10:  085455047X ISBN-13: 978-0854550470 £ 15.99

John Ogden was first a professional soldier who helped give away the British Empire, and then an advertising man who helped to build and sustain commercial empires. In 1952 he was commissioned into the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry, with whom he served in various parts of the world until he resigned his commission in 1964. He then joined J Walter Thompson in London, moving, in the 1980s, to Ogilvy & Mather. He now lives in Oxfordshire.

The first novel On Fire was set in Hong Kong and Korea and was the vivid story of a harsh war.
ISBN-10: 1846241553  ISBN-13: 978-1846241550  £ 15.99           Order here
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In the second novel Silken Dalliance the regiment served in West Germany as Cold War frontiersmen. Life was complicated by the antics of a commanding officer who had a Jekyll and Hyde personality; and was foreshortened by orders to move to Kenya to fight in the Emergency. We left the characters in their troopship  in the Arabian Sea off East Africa stunned by the Commanding Officer mysteriously falling overboard.
ISBN-10: 0854550402  ISBN-13: 978-0854550401  £ 15.99            Order here

Jacket designs are based on the regimental colours of The Prince Regent’s Light Infantry.


‘I enjoyed On Fire enormously. It presents a wonderfully vivid picture of the experience of Korea for young officers of the British Army. It is a campaign that deserves to be much better known than it is, and John Ogden has made a notable contribution to keeping alive its memories.’                         Sir Max Hastings

‘He has lovingly recreated the atmosphere of a British infantry battalion of the Korean War with great skill and an accurate eye for period detail. An excellent read and a haunting evocation of a long vanished era’ 
                                                                                                                 Professor Gary Sheffield

‘His prose is taut, his ear for class nuance sure, his characters well-drawn at all levels. A compulsively readable story, the Forgotten War comes vividly alive’                                            Country Life


‘Ogden’s ear for the dialogue of all ranks of the British Army protecting Western Germany in the 1950s is at perfect pitch. His psychological insight into the motivation of his characters is equally superb. Just as its predecessor On Fire examined the concepts of comradeship and courage, so Silken Dalliance inquires perceptively into the nature of  leadership                         Andrew Roberts