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If you wish to publish your own book try to avoid contacting Vanity publishers. Some of these publishers call this commissioned publishing.

Look at Jonathan Clifford's website at, although this website would need updating.

If you really wish to do your own publishing it might be best to limit the first printing to a few hundred copies. On demand printing makes if much easier and cheaper to reprint later if the need arises. Printers are often able to re-print from 100 copies onwards at a very reasonable cost, often at the same rate per 100 copies as the first printing.

To avoid the cost of getting one ISBN allocated and that of acquiring a barcode for your intended publication, we offer these 2 together at £ 35 (+ VAT in the UK)
This would be one of our own ISBN's.
We can recommend a proof reader and book/jacket designer
We would suggest a number of printers we have used so that you can obtain quotations for printing and binding. We shall record your title with Nielsen's UK ISBN Agency. (formerly Whitaker's) see:

Even if you decide to go to a commissioning publisher, this page may give you some additional help.

An example of a recent title

Any orders that might arrive at our address will be passed on to you. We shall not be envolved with anything else .
Please feel free to ask any questions

Good luck !

Websites to look at:

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In the USA:  Vantage Press

these publishers offer an all-in service including marketing.