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A collection of letters

Correspondence between the bookshop Holdan Books, in North Oxford (1974 - 1983)
and Professor V. N. Toporov between  1976 and  1980 about a possible publication of his
GOSPODIN PROKHARCHIN DOSTOEVSKOGO  straight from his 170-page typescript .

Vladimir Nikolayevich Toporov (1928 -  2005 ), 
 leading Russian philologist associated  with the Tartu-Moscow semiotic school.

Initially Mouton intended to publish this, later Peter de Ridder who then went bankrupt. ( I remember his overdone publishing schedule) 

Also see: Toporov, V. N.: "Gospodin Prokharchin" : ? analizu peterburgskoi povesti Dostoevskogo. In: Toporov, V. N. Peterburgskii tekst. Moskva: Nauka, 2009: 208-85.

And his 
Akhmatova i Blok : (k probleme postroenii?a po?ticheskogo dialoga: "blokovski?" tekst Akhmatovo?)
Eventually published by Berkeley Slavic Specialties in 1981.

Both Dr. Ann Shukman and Professor Anne Pennington read the text of GOSPODIN PROKHARCHIN,
 but in the end the Russian edition  was published in 1982 by the Magness Press 
Jerusalem in their Series:  Bibliotheca  Slavica Hierosolymitana. 


The collection of letters consists of 

Toporovís first handwritten letter A-4 , dated 18.2.1976  in which he told me that he did not know 
Mouton had abandoned publishing his works although they had announced some of his 
planned publications in their catalogue.

Copy of my  reply of 6 July 1976.

Toporovís handwritten letter dated 13 December 1976, A-4  in which he told me that he had received 2 of 
his manuscripts back from Mouton. Peter de Ridder had ďlostĒ a 3rd manuscript .
He then tells me that he has sent me the 170-page manuscript of GOSPODIN PROKHARCHIN DOSTOEVSKOGO 

Toporovís short handwritten letter  asking if the typescript had arrived. He would like to add 1-2 pages of additions

copy of  letter dated 24-3-1977 , the typescript, not the manuscript, had meanwhile arrived. 
Dr. Ann Shukman had read it and had written  a short introduction for it, Professor Anne Pennington, Oxford  (1934 - 1981 ) 
was in the process of reading it.

Ann Shukmanís typed proposed introduction for GOSPODIN PROKHARCHIN : popytka istolkovaniya. 
With some suggestions for the layout and pointing out some misprints. 

Toporovís  long letter dated 23 V í77  explaining his wish that he would like to have his new titles published in Russian. 
He offers more of his works, already finished or in a final stage which could be translated into English.

Toporovís handwritten letter of 1. VIII í77 asking for an explanation about my request for an introductory text. 

Copy of  typed letter of  10-8-1977 explaining toToporovthat I required  a ďsales textĒ

Toporovís  3-page handwritten letter dated 12 September 1977 in which his introductory texts in Russian for Akhmatova I Blok 
and The Petersburg text of  Russian literatureĒ. He finishes this letter with some personal details about himself.

Copy of my letter of 9 June 1977. The Dostoevsky typescript is now with Professor Malcolm Jones. (Nottingham University) ) 

The idea to publish Toporovís works in Russian is abandoned

L.Matejka had told me that he would be publishing Toporovís works. 
I wrote on 17th May 1978 explaining the entire sad history of Moutonís abandoned plans 
and my humble efforts to take over. I told Matejka that I had no objection to his taking over  but would 
like 100 copies of Akhmatova I Blok with my imprint. 

Matejkaís short handwritten letter acknowledging receipt of the Gospodin typescript. 
He is interested in publishing it in Russian provided no English edition will be issued

Toporovís handwritten letter of 22 IX í78 asking me to clarify the current state of the plans to publish. 

My reply of 28th September 1978 to T.  . Matejka now had the typescript, plus longer description 
of what had been going on. 

Toporovís handwritten reply of 21st November 1978. He had not received any communication from 
Matejka at the time. He explains his inexperience in Western publishing practices. 

Copy of my letter toToporovdated 6 February 1979 explaining my surprise that nobody has so far 
contacted him about the publication of his books.

I had asked Matejka for 25 copies once Gospodin was published to pay for all my promotional 
efforts since 1976. Matejka never replied. 

Toporovís handwritten letter dated 3 May 1979. Still no news from Matejka. He intends to send me the text 
of Akhmatova I Blok. (I never received this) 

Toporovís handwritten letter of 22 May 1979. Matejka had finally written toToporovinforming him that there
 was nobody at Michigan University who could use a Russian typewriter and that he had passed 
the typescript to Stephen Rudy of Yale University ( Stephen Rudy 1949 Ė 2003) 

Copy of my letter dated 25 September 1979 to Stephen Rudy

Stephen Rudyís long  3-page typed letter dated 5 October 1979 about Gospodin Prokharchin and the ongoing saga.
 He criticizes Mouton, (Peter de Ridder had gone bankrupt meanwhile, 60,000 volumes of his publications 
were offered at enormous discounts ) and Rudyís efforts probably  eventually lead to publication in Jerusalem,

Copy of my letter dated 25 January 1980 to t. In fact Toporov never did send me the typescript of Akhmatova I  Blok

Last letter from Toporov dated 24 V í80. Akhmatova I Blok was an article really albeit a long one for publication in Slavica Hierosolymitana. 

Included also 8 handwritten and stamped envelopes from Toporov to Holdan Books

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