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LIST EMF 124 ( May 2014 )
F2855] Averchenko, Arkadii,. Sobranie sochineniy. Volumes 1 - 8 ( So Far Published ). So far published 1- 8. Volume 7 is entitled: odnoaktnykh p'es i instsenirovannykh rasskazov (1911) Chertova diuzhina / Sost., podgot. teksta i komment. S.S. Nikonenko. V sed'mom tome sochinenii Arkadiia Averchenko vpervye posle smerti pisatelia sobrany vse p'esy iz piati ego dramaticheskikh sbornikov, vykhodivshikh s 1911 po 1916 gg.:contains: "Chertova diuzhina", Bengal'skie ogni, Bez suflera, Miniatiury i monologi dlia stseny 424pp., T. 8 . Chudaki na podmostkah. M. : Dmitrii Sechin, 2013. - 336 s. 978-5-904962-26-5 . Volumes 9-13 still in preparation. new hardback set  GBP 265.00

[R72196] BELYI, A.. Ya (sumashedshee).. Predlagaemyi vnimaniyu etyud - otryvok iz povesti "Zapiski chudaka". Contents: "To smert'." - "Moya biographiya." - "Razvitie." - "Gde "ya"?" - "Pered Bergenom." - "Tri goda nazad." - "Bergen." - "Ploshchad'." - "Sumasshedshii." Berlin: "Ogon'ki", 1922; 175-214pp., in later binding, pages browned. [ Dr - 1 ]  GBP 12.00

[WO0014] BEZRUC, P.,. Slezske pesne.. London, Vyd. krouzek Slezanu, 1944, 70pp., 6 ills. (wood or lino engravings) Pa., (top/bottom spine sl. damaged. ) Petr Bezruc[pet?ur bez?Rooch] , pseud. of Vladimir Vasek[vash?ek] 1867 - 1958, Czech poet, called the bard of Silesia. Bezruc's fame rests solely on the Silesian Songs (1903, enl. ed. 1909). In these 88 stark, moving verses the poet protests the suppression by the Austrians of the Slavic peoples living between Silesia and Moravia. Bezruc was an admirer of Whitman, but his work belongs to no school. After World War II the Czech government granted him a pension.  GBP 7.50

[WO0016] BEZRUC, P.,. Stuzkonoska modr?,. Bibliophile edition 6 plates of which 4 in fine colours by by Max Svabinsky. Prague, Cesk. Spisovatel, 1952, No pagination, loose in folder.  GBP 7.50

[F2290] Briggs, A.D.P.,. Vladimir Mayakovsky : a tragedy. ISBN: 0902672355. (Russian literary profiles) Oxford, 1979, 127 pages, paperback¶ with the author's dedication in ink , signed, dated April 1979.  GBP 6.50

[F0124] BRIK O[sip]., E. Polivanov, Viktor Shklovskii, B.M. Eikhenbaum, Lev Yakubinskii. Poetika. Sbornik po teorii poeticheskogo yazyka.. . [ poetics. Collection of Articles on Theory of Poetical Language ]. First Edition. Petrograd, 1919. Softcover. 7 x 9 in. 168, [2] pp. 2 parts . in one, 22 cm. Contents: Part I. Viktor Shklovskii : Potebnya / L.P. Yakubinskii : -- O poeticheskom glossemosochetanii / Viktor Shklovskii: O poezii i zaumnom yazyke / E.P. Polivanov O zvukovykh zhestakh yaponskogo yazyka / L.P. Yakubovskii: O zvukakh stikhotvornogo yazyka / L.P. Yakubovskii: Skoplenie odinakovykh plavnykh / Osip Brik : Zvukovye povtory / Part II. Viktor Shklovskii: Iskusstvo kak priem / Viktor Shklovskii : Svyaz priemov syuzhetoslozheniya c obshchimi priemami stilya / B.M. Eikhenbaum: Kak sdelana "Shinel" / Brik, Osip (1888-1945): Russian Soviet writer, play-writer, literary critic. Co-founder of LEF . The book has yellowed pages, the loose front cover is soiled and a bit frayed with a name and date in ink in the right top corner. The rear cover lacks a piece in the bottom left corner just outside the printed frame around publisher's advert. No Spine, book held together with 2 staples. This is Mikhail Zoshchenko's copy with his autograph ZOSHCHENKO in the right top corner of the title page. LC call number PN1047.P63 1919. A unique copy.  GBP 395.00

[R71047] D'iakonova, Elizaveta Aleksandrovna [ 1874-1902 ]. Dnevnik Elizavety D'iakonovoi 1886-1902 g. : literaturnye etiudy, stikhotvoreniiya, stat'i, Pis'ma.. Izdanie 4-e, znachitel'no dopolnennoe. Pod red. i s vstupitel'nymi stat'yami A.A.D'yakonova. Moskva, izdanie V.M.Sablina, 1912; 836PP., bound in new cloth, title page repaired as right bottom corner was missing , new end papers and title label ¶ ** D'iakonova came to fame posthumously, as the author of a diary which was frequently compared to Bashkirtseva's. The diary's success was due to the author's frankness, the timely "woman question'* issues that it touched on, and the view of many that she *'typified" young women of her generation. D'iakonova was bom into a merchant family in the village of Nerekhta in 1874. In her diary she describes her mother as despotic and unloving. She completed secondary school in laroslavl' and then wanted to continue her education at the university level, but her mother was strongly opposed to her attending. D'iakonova was forced to wait four years to apply for entrance into the Higher Courses for Women in SPb. when she would no longer need parental approval. Even then her mother was able to block her acceptance for a while. The courses had been her escape, and their reality proved to be a great disappointment. While still a student, she began her literary career with the publication of a translation. Then she published an article, "Women's Education" (Zhenskoe obrazovanie), in the journal Women's Came (ZhenD) and several fictional sketches under the pseudonym *E. Nerekhtskaia/D'iakonova graduated from the courses in 1899, She rejected an earlier idea of going to work as a rural schoolteacher. Instead she traveled around Russia. In 1900 she went 10 Paris and started law school at the Sorbonne. She used her life abroad in Paris and London as the basis of several semi-fictional pieces which she published in the journals Kitvite (KievI) and Northern Land (Severnyi krai). While at the Sorbonne, D'takonova developed an obsessive crush on a French doctor and psychologist. She visited him under the pretext of having a psychologically caused illness. These efforts came to nothing. In 1902, at the age of twenty-eight* she committed suicide [ DL 3/5 ]  GBP 75.00

[F0129] Eikhenbaum, Boris.. MELODIKA RUSSKOGO LIRICHESKOGO STIKHA. [On the cover: MELODIKA STIKHA Peterburg: OPOYAZ, 1922, 200pp., 12mo., First (and the only) edition, in protected wrappers, spine sl. damaged at top and bottom, text browned as is usual. ? Boris Michailovich Eichenbaum, or Boris Mikhailovich Eikhenbaum, Russian: Boris Michajlovic( E.jchenbaum (October 4./October 16, 1886, Voronezh - November 2, 1959, Leningrad) was a Russian and Soviet literary scholar, and historian of Russian literature  GBP 85.00

[F0137] Gollerbakh, E[rikh]. Gorod muz : Detskoe Selo kak literaturnyi simvol i pamyatnik byta. Leningrad, izdanir avtora, 1927, 95pp. : illustrated with 121 x 94 mm., Cover design and silhouettes by G. I. Narbut a.o. first edition, one of 275 copies (total edition was 300) includes list of illustrators and publisher's book list at the end. Spine repaired.  GBP 85.00

[F2893] Krasheninnikov, N[ikolai] [Aleksandrovich ] (1878 - 1941). Skazka o solntse. Drama-skazka v 4 kartinakh.. Russkoe Tovarishchestvo pechatnago i izdatel'skago dela, year unnknown but post 1914; 144pp., 24x33 cm, bound in recent cloth, rear wrapper preserved, laid paper, brittle, a few marginal tears. 2 full-page woodcuts by Vasilii Denisov printed in black and gold; 2 coloured printed illustrations - 1 mounted on front of a new binding, the second one mounted on full-page gold background. The book is a collection of works by different authors. Contents: Iv.Belousov. stikhotvorenie; N.Teleshov. Mina (rasskaz); S.Parnok. Fridrikhu Kruppu. Sonet; B.Zaitsev. Tserkov'(rasskaz); E.Ek. Dva belykh kresta (rasskaz); F.Ellens. Izob'em nevinnykh (p'esa); M.Veselovskaya. Nastroenie v Bel'gii pered voinoi; B.Syromyatnikov Sovremennaya dusha Flandrii, etc.  GBP 350.00

[F0125] Kruchenykh, Alexei E.. Zaumnyi iazyk U: Seifullinoi, Vs. Ivanova, Leonova, Babelia, I. Sel'vinskogo, A. Veselogo, i dr. kniga 127-ya. Oblozhka I kontsovni V. Kulaginoi-Klutsis. (Avto-keilografiya) Moskva , Izdanie Vserossiiskogo Soiuza Poetov, 1925. 59, [5]pp. 2 tailpieces by Kulagina. In original wrappers with the typographic cover design, printed in red and black, and two tailpieces in the text, printed in black, by Valentina Kulagina (1902-1987). See Compton 1917 - 1934: Kulagina designed a cover for Kruchenykh's book 'Transrational Language' ('Zaumnyi iazyk) which makes a good stylistic comparison with Rodchenko's design for Mayakovsky's poem 'Mayakovsky Smiles, Mayakovsky Laughs, Mayakovsky Jeers'.... She purposely made some of the title appear 'out of key' by allowing some letters to read out of register where the background colour changes from red to black, thus emphasizing their meaning. In contrast, Rodchenko strove to convey the greatest possible sense of order in his carefully spaced lettering... covers sl. frayed, some foxing in the text, rear cover soiled and with library stamp and marking in ink. Text stapled. MOMA 599; Getty 392; Compton: 1917-1934, p. 79f. (full-page illus. 42)  GBP 195.00

[F0563-C] MIRSKY, Prince D.S.,. Modern Russian Literature.. Contents: 'The Natural School': Aksakov. From Turgenev to Leskov; Dostoevsky and Tolstoy The drama; Poets; Critics and Publicists; The new age. Bibliography of English Translations. Oxford University Press, 1925; 120pp., boards, with plates; lacks spine. With the author's signature on separate piece of paper glued to title page. parts of the text underlined The book is from the library of Dame Elizabeth Hill [ST]]  GBP 2.50

[R70793] Muratov,P. (ed.). SOFIYA. Zhurnal Literatury I Iskusstva.. X, Moskva, 1914. No.1-6 (Complete set); 131+ 6,70 + 8,106 + 6,96+ 6,100 + 4,88,8pp., paper, 30x21cm, lavishly illustrated. Spines rubbed, worn, chipped, partly missing, some paper covers detached, frail, edges frayed, binding loose; interior parts of all the issues are in good condition, text and illustrations (Phototypies) are printed on good quality paper which does not show signs of ageing. CONTENTS of zhurnala iskusstva i literatury, izdavaemogo s 1914 goda v Moskve K.F.Nekrasovym pod redaktsiei P.Muratova. Vol.1: N.M.Shchekotov. Drevnerusskoe shit'e; P.Muratov. Gaudentsio Ferrari; B.Bernson. Osnovy khudozhestvennogo raspoznavaniya; A.Diesperov. Blazhennyi Ieronim i ego vek; B.Griftsov. Derzhavin, etc. 22 plates. Vol.2: Vizantiiskoe mifotvorchestvo; P.Muratov. Dva otkrytiya (o drevne-russkoi zhivopisi); B.fon Eding. Ocherki drevne-russkoi arkhitektury. Nalichnik; P.Sukhotin. Drevne-russkaya povest'. O Muromskom kn.Petre i supruge ego Fevronii. O Marfe i Marii. O svyashchennike. O khristianskoi dushe-golube. O chernykh vsadnikakh na voronykh konyakh. Makarii i Antoniya; Bor.Zaitsev. Udobnoe i prekrasnoe; VI.Khodasevich. "Juvenilia" Bryusova, etc. 30 plates. Vol.3: A.Anisimov. Etyudy o novgorodskoi zhivopisi; A.M.Skvortsov. Freski Kavallini; Em.Husid. Dom zolotykh amurov; N.Berdyaev. Picasso; M.Gershenson. Umilenie; K.Loks. Apulei; Ars Asiatica; P.Serov. Zvenigorodskie freski; Roman A.Belago; V.Rozanov, etc. 26 plates. Vol.4: Vse kak v zhizni; V.Grineizen. Illuzionisticheskie portrety (I. Illyuzionizm v iskusstve i iskusstvo povestvovatel'noe. II. Istoriya illyuzionistskogo portreta. A. Skul'pturnyi portret. 1. Egipetskii ritual'nyi portret i razreshenie v skul'pture pervykh osnovnykh problem illyuzionizma. 2. ellinisticheskie portrety. 3. Etrusskii ritual'nyi portret. 4. Rimskii illyuzionisticheskii portret. B. Portret v zhivopisi; I.Eiges. V.A.Zhukovskii; V.Khodasevich. Poetu ili chitatelyu?; Pis'ma Belinskago; K.L. Literatura dlya kannibalov; Pt.Peterburgskaya "Russkaya ikona"; P.Ettinger. Sapunov. 53 plates. Pages 57-64 of this volume, including 3 illustrations, printed twice. Vol.5: Pereotsenki. Ald-r Anisimov. Etyudy o novgorodskoi zhivopisi. II; W.Deonna. Iskusstvo i deistvitel'nost'. Voprosy arkheologicheskogo metoda; P.Muratov. Molodost' Pantormo; B.Griftsov. Poslednii poet; L.Grossman, Bal'zak, Dostoevskii; "Vakkh s vinogradnoi kist'yu - Bruni; 22 plates. Vol.6: Ot izdatelya; Nasledie romantizma; J.Strzygowski. Ravenna kak otrasl' Arameiskago iskusstva; A.M.Skvortsov. Ikona svyatykh knyazei Borisa i Gleba; G.Simmel. Ruiny; N.Berdyaev. rytsar' nishchety; M.Gershenson. Vdokhnovenie i bezumie; V.Bryusov. Russkaya lirika. Poeziya i proza. 14 plates. [ DL IV ]  GBP 275.00

[F204-D] PANAEV, I.. Literaturnye Vospominaniya. Vospominaniya o Belinskom.. .., S.-Peterburg: Izdanie V.Kovalevskogo, 1876. 420 pp., quarter leather, 4 raised bands and gilt title on spine, frontispiece portrait, spine rubbed at the top, corners/edges rubbed/ bumped, a few pages are soiled, , exlibris of N. Agaphonov on inside board and his signature on title page  GBP 18.50

[R72125] Pod'yachev, S.. Zhizn' Muzhitskaya: Rasskaz.. S.Pod'yache byl krest'yaninom Moskovskoi gubernii i zhil v derevne obychnoi muzhitskoi zhizn'yu, kotoraya tak prosto i strashno opisana im v ego rasskazakh. Pisatel' rezko razoshelsya s Tolstym i narodnikami v otsenke derevni. Berlin / Peterburg / Moskva: Izd-vo Z.I. Grzhebina, 1923; 63pp., good paperback, pareback foxed, title page detached, pages are brown and untrimmed [DR-1 ]  GBP 8.50

[F2874] Schloegel, Karl:. Jenseits des grossen Oktober: das Laboratorium der Moderne. Petersburg 1909 - 1921.. ISBN: 388680318X. Berlin: Siedler Verlag, 1988, 541pp., fine hardback in fine dust jacket, ¶ ** Sankt Petersburg: Die tragische Imperiale. Das Verschwinden der Residenzstadt- Die Physiologie des Stadtkoerpers. -- Die Stadt als Problem - Das neue Petersburg - als Plan -- Die Suche nach dem neuen Stil: "Asiatischer Stil", Jugendstil, "modernisierter Klassizismus" -- Bauten und Baumeister des neuen Petersburg -- Rettung der imperialen Stadt durch die Revolution. -- Agonie. -- Wiederauferstehung der Imperiale an anderem Ort. -- Tragik der urbanen Zivilitaet -- Argonauten des 20. Jahrhunderts: Die russische Intelligencija zwischen "Vechi" (1909) -- und "Smena vech" (1921). Von der "Vechi" 1909 zu "Smena vech" 1921. -- Diskussionszeitraum als Geschichts- und Lebenszeitraum. -- "Vechi" 1909. -- Despotie, Tyrannei des Politischen, Physiognomie der Intelligencija -- Krise der "alten Intelligencija" -- "Iz glubiny" 1918. Intelligencija-Geist und die Geister der Revolution. -- Revolution als Apokalypse und Katharsis -- "Smena vech" 1921. -- Die alte Intelligencija und die Sowjetmacht -- Der historische Ort der Intelligencija-Diskussion: Ru?land im Strudel der Zivilisationsdynamik -- Vasilij V. Rozanov Der pr?faschistische Moderne. Radikale Subjektivit?t, "Ende der Literatur" -- Verletztes Leben, Normalit?tsbed?rfnis -- Alttestamentarische Opposition gegen die Orthodoxie -- Phalluskult und phallische Kultur -- Bedrohtes Nest - Philosophie der Privatheit -- Die Gesellschaft, Zerst?rung der Politik - "Lebensbaum" -- Revolution -- Der Fall "Rozanov" - Bedrohungsangst und Gewalttaetigkeit -- Der Nevskij-Prospekt: Der Stadtraum als politischer Raum Das Biotop der hauptstaedtischen Intelligencija. Eine Strasse ist keine Person, kein Held - die Fatalitaet der Anlage -- Die Anlage -- Der Nevskij-Prospekt der Vorkriegszeit als Schaustreckeder Warenwelt -- Ungeheure Ansammlung von Reichtum -- Zeitungen, Oeffentlichkeit - Beschleunigung der Zeit -- Die Kinos am Nevskij: Phantasieraum des neuen Publikums -- Staedtische OEffentlichkeit und Kampfplatz: Prospekt des 25. Oktober -- Ivan D. Sytin: Vom russischen Pressezaren zum Rentier der Sowjetmacht. Die Ueberschiessende Aufklaerung -- Herkunft - Der Schluessel zum "modernen Russen" -- Der Verleger - Der Zeitungsmann -- Sytins Unternehmen der Volksaufklaerung -- Der Verleger und die Intelligencija -- Der "spec" der Sowjetmacht -- Pavel P. Rjabusinskij: Der patriarchalische Fabrikant als Pionier der Moderne. Pavel Pavlovic Rjabusinskij, Vita Rjabusinskij - das Selbstbewusstsein des "Tuchhaendlers" -- Der Aufstieg des Muzik -- Der Bauer als Kaufmann, der "Herr im Haus" als Unternehmer -- Kulturelle Bluete: Reichtum und Nervositaet -- Rjabusinskij und die Kriegsindustrie -Komitees: -- Kraftprobe und letzter Versuch - Russland ohne Rjabusinskij -- GOELRO : Eros der Technik, Eros der Macht. Der Grosse Plan - Die Arbeit der GOELRO-Kommission -- Vorform von GOELRO: "Kommission zur Erforschung der natuerlichen Produktivkraefte Russlands" (KEPS), gegr?ndet 1915 -- Wie der Ingenieur geschmiedet wurde -- Organisation als Kunst -- Der harte Kern der Utopie -- Im Schatten von GOELRO -- Die Epoche findet ihren Ton: Der Dirigent Sergei Aleksandrovic Kussewizki. Zwischen zwei musikalischen Welten: Petersburg, Moskau vor 1914 -- Die Kussewizki-Konzerte -- Kussewizki, formative Jahre -- Musikalische Aufklaerung: das Unternehmen Kussewizki -- Expedition in Neuland:die Wolga-Tourneen -- Der entfesselte Prometheus: Krieg und Revolution -- Die "Aera der Kammermusik" und die Kultur fuer die Massen -- Petrograd als Schaubuehne: Die inszenierte Revolution. Die Inszenierung des Jahres 1920: Ort, Zeit, Handlung -- Lebendiges Theater, theatralisiertes Leben -- Von der Krise des Theaters zum Revolutionstheater -- Von der Strassendemonstration zur "rhythmisierten Bewegung" -- Petrograder Premiere, Petersburger Experimente -- Petruskas letzter Auftritt -- Epilog -- Izgoev und Lenin: Buergerlicher Intellektueller und Parteioffizier. Zwei Typen des Politischen in der russischen Revolution. "Naperevale" -Zwischen Selbstherrschaft und Revolution -- "Argonautenzug", buergerliche Gesellschaft, Zivilisierung des Politischen -- Drittes Element, zivile und politstrategische Disposition -- Lenin: Wer das "schwaechste Kettenglied" ergreift, wird auch die "Kommandohoehen" erobern -- "Smuta" - "Zeit der Wirren". -- Die Einfachheit und Gr??e der Revolution. -- Die Ueberwaeltigung der zivilen Gesellschaft -- Die Ohnmacht des Politischen. -- Sisyphusarbeit des Zivilisatorischen. -- Epilog - Prolog -- Petersburger Intelligencija 1921: Bewohner des Archipels, Passagiere der Arche. Die Flut, die Wellen -- Der Archipel -- Das Haus der Wissenschaftler:die Rettung des "Gehirns der Nation" -- Isaaks-Platz 5: Das Zubov-Institut fuer Kunstgeschichte -- "Haus der Literaten", Bassejnaja Nr. 11 -- "Haus der Kuenste", Mojka Nr. 59: Das Schiff als Lebensraum -- Puschkin-Feier am 11. Februar 1921 -- Proskription, Ausweisung, das Schiff nach Stettin - Postscriptum.  GBP 7.50

[F2879] Shalamov, V.T. Sobranie sochinenii: ( 7 volumes) = V 6 t. + t. 7, dopolnitel'nyi. . T. 1: Rasskazy 30-h godov; Kolymskie rasskazy; Levyi bereg; Artist lopaty. Moscow, Knizhnyi Klub Knigovek, 2013. 672pp., T. 2: Ocherki prestupnogo mira; Voskreshenie devsvennicy; Perchatka, ili KR-2; Anna Ivanovna: p'esa, 512pp., ..T. 3: Stikhotvoreniya. 512pp., . T. 4: Avtobiograficheskaya proza, . 640pp., T. 5: Esse i zametki; Zapisnye knizhki 1954-1979. . 384pp., T. 6: Perepiska. 606pp., T. 7, dopolnitel'nyi: Rasskazy i ocherki 1960-1974; Stihotvoreniya 1950-1970; Stat'i, esse, publicistika; Iz arhiva pisatelya. 524pp., ISBN: 978-5-4224-0698-2 / 978-5-4224-0699-9 / 978-5-4224-0700-2 / 978-5-4224-0701-9 / 978-5-4224-0702-6. / 978-5-4224-0703-3 / 978-5-4224-0704-0.  GBP 145.00

[F0141] SHKLOVSKII, VICTOR. ( 1893 - 1984 ). O Mayakovskom. Sov. Pis., Moscow: Sovetsky Pisatel', 1940. First Edition.. brown cloth with titled spine and fron board, design by I. Nikolaevtsev. 223 [1] pp. name and 2 short lines in ink on f.e.p. text yellowed and foxed at the outer edges,small 3mm tear bottom of title page.  GBP 85.00

[F0568] Skryte Prameny.. Verse z Tezkych Dob Vanocni tisk kulturniho zapisniku, v Londyne v provinci, 1942;. 10pp., paper; cover sl.soiled, otherwise good (poems by Jaroslav Kolman Cassius, Jan Zahradnichek,Frantishek Hrubin, Karel Jilek,Ladislav Stehlik, Lumir Civrny, Karel Tkac, Ivan Blatny ) London, Kulturni zapisnik, 1942 [ ST]  GBP 5.95

[IS00585] SLONIMSKI, Antoni,. Alarm.. .., London, M.I.Kolin, n.d. [1940?]; 32pp.; publisher's stiff paper wrappers; cont. ownership entry of Robert Auty, dated 1940, on front flyleaf, traces of a paper-clip having been fixed to the lower margin of the final page. * First Edition of this sequence of Polish poems, written in Wrzesien and Lipiec from 1939 to 1940 and published in exile. Loosely inserted are five further poems by Slonimski cut out of a war-time exile periodical or paper.  GBP 40.00

[F2160] SOLZHENITSYN, Aleksandr.. V Kruge Pervom.. Frankfurt am Main , Posev, n.d. 640pp.,¶ ** Solzhenitsyn first wrote this book with 96 chapters. He felt he could never get this version published in the USSR, so he produced this "lightened" version of 87 chapters. In the long version, the diplomat Volodin's phone call (chapter 1) was to the US embassy, warning them of a Soviet attempt to get atomic bomb secrets. Also in the long version Sologdin is a Christian. Shortly after One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich was published, Solzhenitsyn submitted his "lightened" version for publication in the USSR, but it was never accepted. It was this version that was first published abroad in 1968.[ST]  GBP 17.50

[F1111] SUMNER, B.,. Survey of Russian History.. Duckworth, London, 1944, 464pp.plates,illustrated, first edition. bound, text yellowed more so towards the end and the notes on books, pp 451 - 456 are underlined in red, inner hinges cracked but boards attached. Ex-libris on first paste-down. top/bottom spine frayed. with and hanwritten note by the author (warden of All Souls, Oxford ) dated 24 VI 1950, his obituary from The Times. also a handwritten card from .....Hill sent from St. Petersburg 1900 (= Dame Elizabeth Hill ?) [RL 2/1]  GBP 6.50

[F2844] Svestka, Jiri, Tomas Vlchek, and Pavel Lishka (eds.). CZECH CUBISM, 1909-1925 (the first English edition). CZECH CUBISM, 1909-1925 is a luxuriously produced publication, with high-quality photographs in colour and black-and-white, and dozens of scholarly articles. It considers the development of this unusual Czech movement in painting, sculpture, the graphic arts, furniture, tableware, and architecture, as well as the main people involved. A new edition of a painstakingly produced and exhaustive publication about the development of Czech Cubism, an early twentieth-century trend running through all the arts - painting, sculpture, graphic design, furniture and tableware, architecture, even music, film, and literature, and discussing the main people involved. Edited by Jiri Svestka, Tomas Vlchek, and Pavel Lishka, the volume comprises more than 50 scholarly articles by recognized experts in the field: Jaroslav Andel, Marie Bayerova, Ladislav Foltyn, Edward F. Fry, Raymond Guidot, Olga Herbenova, Jana Hornekova, Paul Kruntorad, Miroslav Lamac, Milena Lamarova, Vojtech Lahoda, Pavel Liska, Zdenek Lukes, Waltraud Neuwirth, Oldrich Pukl, Jan Raus, Vladimir Slapeta, Peter Spielmann, Karel Srp, Rostislav Svacha, Jiri Svestka, Tomas Vlcek, Stephan von Wiese. It contains 750 plates in colour and black-and-white. Originally published in Czech and German to accompany the Czech Cubism exhibition in D?sseldorf in 1991, it was soon sold out. In 2006, it was published again in superior quality, owing to advances in printing technology, in an English edition, translated by Robin Cassling, Adrian Dean, Kathleen Hayes, Janek Jaros, Branislava Kuburovic, Anna Lordan, Derek Paton. David Short, Robert Russell, Gerald Turner, and Kathleen Vocadlo Hughes. Hard cover, 454 pages, 25.5 ? 31 cm, 3.8 kg. Presented in a handmade box with blind embossment. .  GBP 49.95

[F2068] TOLSTOI, A.. Soyuz pyati: Rasskazy.. This volume contents followimg stories: Gidra. Soyuz puati. Ubiistvo Antuana Rivo. Rukopis' naidennaya pod krovat'yu. Chernaya pyatnitsa. Na ostrove Khalki. Zolotoi mirazh. V snegakh. Tukhlyi d'yavol. Leningrad: Gosudarstvennoe izdatel'stvo, 1925; 196pp., in fine new boards, the front cover has Masereel-like colour illustration, text browned the original front cover is bound in at the reat and from this a facsimile has been ujsed on the front board, original title label pasted to spine [ ST]  GBP 9.50

[R60490] Tuytchev - . Uraniya. Tyutchevskii Al'manakh. 1803-1928. X, Pod redaktsiei E.P.Kazanovich. Vstupitel'naya stat'ya L.V.Pumpyanskogo. Leningrad, Priboi, 1928; 312pp., bound, portrait; spine rubbed at the bottom, boards faded around edges, corners bumped, inscription in blue ink on the title page "Ex libris Tropinina. M., 1928", otherwise good (Contents: Poeziya F.I.Tyutcheva (vstup. stat'ya) L.V.Pumpyanskogo. Stikhotvorenie F.I.Tyutcheva "14-e dekabrya 1925 goda", Georgiya Chulkova. Pis'ma Tyutcheva k Ya.Polonskomu, Soobshchenie S.Koplan-Shakhmatova. Tyutchev - perevodchik Gete, K.Pigareva. Pis'ma F.I.Tyutcheva k kn.E.E.Trubetskoi, soobshch. E.K. Iz myunkhenskikh vstrech F.I.Tyutcheva (1840-e gg.), E.Kazanovich. F.I.Tyutchev i ego deti (1838-1852gg.), F.T. Pis'mo Tyutcheva k A.N.Maikovu, soobshch. S.Koplan-Shakhmatova. Chitatel' Tyutcheva - Lev Tolstoi, D.Blagogo. Pis'ma F.I.Tyutcheva k gr. A.D.Bludovoi, soobshch. M.Motovilova. Tyutchev v muzyke, Sergeya Durylina. Tyutcheviana za 1923-1928gg., D.B. Ukazatel' lichnykh imen, N.V. [DL 5/3 ]  GBP 45.00

[F2150] Vinogradov, V.V.,. Iz Istorii Leksikologii. (Doklady i soobshcheniya inst. yazyk. AN SSSR 1956, number 10 ) 28pp., no covers. WITH THE AUTHOR'S AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION, INITIALLED and DATED 1957.24.1. [ST ]  GBP 6.00

[TAM108] VOSEMNADTSATYI VEK,. VOSEMNADTSATYI VEK, Sbornik 4. ( AN SSSR, Ins-t russkoi lit-ry).Includes: Kupreyanova, E., K voprosu i klassitsizme. Koz'min, M. Zhurnal "Utra" i ego mesto v russkoi zhurnalistike XVlll v. Berkov, P., V.V. Kapnist kak yavlenie russkoi kul'tury XVlll v. And many others. "Nauka", L., M., 1959; 486pp., bound,  GBP 7.50

[F1474] Zinoviev, Alexander,. The Yawning Heights,. The Bodley Head, London, 1979, 829pp., First Edition in English of the original first edition in Russian ( Ziyayushchie Vysoty ) published by ?ditions L'Age d'Homme, a satirical novel about the Soviet Union . Translated from the Russian by Gordon Clough, cover designed by Bill Botten, the d/j has a small one cm tear at the rear fold o/w fine hardback in fine d/j/ Presentation copy with author's dedication and signature in ink dated 2.5.1979. Looseley inserted is a one A-4 page letter in Russian by Zinoviev on his headed Munich notepaper (Prof. Dr. Alexandre Zinoviev (Sinowjew) dated 22.2.1983. Zinoviev visited Thornton's regularly during his visit to Oxford in April/May 1979.  GBP 55.00

[F1264] Zoshchenko,M.. O Chem Pel Solovei. .., Parizh, Izd-vo "Ocharovannyi strannik", 1926 ("Belletristy sovremennoi Rossii No.7-8); 48pp., stifff paper, 8x12.5cm; covers detached, but present, pages loose, 0.5cm tear to the bottom of the spine, otherwise good [ST]  GBP 6.95


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