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 Joseph Thornton
1808 - 1891

Holt, Vincent M., 
Why Not Eat Insects ? [on Dustjacket : Insects, a Victorian cookery book . With 7 illustrations by Pauk Wakelin (e.g. Purée of woodlice, Candied web sorbet, Chinese style slug stew etc..also striking chapter headings by this illustrator. the original title << Why Not Eat Insects ? >>  published in 1885 was re-issued by Thornton's of Oxford in 1995 with an extra dust jacket bearing the title <Insects, a Victorian cookery book >> . Also included are 2 menus in French and English. the original book appeared in 1885 and its title page is also shown on one of the plates. 
Text entirely re-set from the 1885 edition by Daniel Meeuws. 68pp., wrappers
ISBN 0854550240
there are 2 editions, each with a different dust jacket, but with the same ISBN
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Wrappers version 1

Wrappers version 2


Title page

Candid-web sorbet with a 
crunchy garnish
Puree of woodlice

Moths on toast
The perfect kebab
Chinese-style stew and Mutton with wireworm sauce