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Heidenheim, Hanns H., Woodcuts of the Bible. 5 Volumes
5 volumes in folio. splendid edition, one of 300 numbered copies printed by hand from original woodblocks on hand-made Japanese paper. All prints signed by the artist/printer. Bound bloc-book type in oak-tanned cowhide, covers embossed from woodblock. Folder and slipcase covered in hand-made paper, main title and masthead of the volumes are also woodcuts. Düsseldorf, Ursus presse, 1965-1970. Splendid set. 

Volume 1: IJOB (Job) 23 woodcuts, separate introduction enclosed; 
Volume 2: Das Lieder der Lieder (Song of songs) 17 woodcuts, biblical text edited by Max Brod; introd. by J. Mager; 
Volume 3: Jesaja (Isaiah) 20 woodcuts. 
Volume 4: Am Anfang ( In the beginning) 21 woodcuts, 1998, In these woodcuts the artist tried to show the development of the Deus absconditus, the hidden God till His revelation in creation. Foundation of this work were the books of the Kabbalah. Volume Volume 5: Ursprung (Origin) 20 woodcuts, 2002, the 2nd announcement of the creation in the Bible. The illustrations cover old folk legends gathered over 3000 years going back to the Stone Age.  Cave drawings from 7000 to 200,000 years ago form the basis of these woodcuts. A descriptive booklet in the German language is added. 



Also in this collection Heidenheim's large poster-sized print , measuring 97 x 61 cm.
Eli, eli, lema sabachtani.
printed from the woodblock in 3 colours, one of an edition of only 180 copies printed on Japanese paper
signed and numbered  .
Together with other Heidenheim material still to be listed including one of his original woodblocks  £ 3500

Hanns Heidenheim c. 1974