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Lord Berners poetry and quotes and jokes

Henry James Pye (1745-1813), English poet, Poet Laureate from 1790 until his death

Poems by Diana Stow

Scharlie Meeuws' books on Blurb

The Faringdon POETRY GROUP

Valerie Hughes , stories, artwork and poetry

Arturo Barea, September 20, 1897, Badajoz, Spain - December 24, 1957, Faringdon,  Spanish journalist, broadcaster and writer. After the Spanish Civil War, Barea lived in exile in the United Kingdom until his death. 

Julie C Farmer

Faringdon street names

Scharlie Meeuws Faringdon art society

Karen Vogt sculpture

Authors den

Sofka Zinovieff

Poem hunter

Jo Webster

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Folly Tower and woodland


some historical postcards

Poem list site

Scharlie reads her poems:


Author's den

Sofka Zinovieff The Mad Boy, Lord Berners, My Grandmother and Me review eccentric, hedonistic glamour . Sofka Zinovieff tells the story of Berners as he composes and carouses with her grandfather, Robert Heber-Percy, in fashionable society between the wars

Voices from Faringdon: Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition 

Workshops at Number 51- offers a range of sewing workshops including beginner sewing skills, dressmaking and leather handbags and shoes.   also  1:1 tuition (either for leather work or for dressmaking skills) and bespoke evening sessions or day workshops for groups

Shakespeare in the bath

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