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[AZF0779] Cadbury, H.J. (ed.). The Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research Volume VIII for 1926-1927.. New York, 1028, VIII,95pp., 44 illustrations of seals on plates.further plates and 4 maps in the text. in worn discoloured paper covered boards, linen spine. ¶ map illustrating the Zamuan wars (folding); Contents: Southern Kurdistan in the annals of Ashurnasirpal and today, Ephraim A. Speiser, p. 1-41 -- Miscellaneous antiquities from southern Babylonia, Raymond P. Dougherty, p. 43-54 -- The American Palestine Exploration Society [1871-77], Warren J. Moulton, p. 55-78 -- On the so-called Sumero-Indian seals, George A. Barton, p. 79-95. [ sp anc ]  £18.50

[090016] CALDECOTT, R.. Picture Books.. 0, Eight "shilling" rhyme books bound in one: "The Milkmaid", "Hey Diddle Diddle", "A Frog he Would A-Wooing Go", "The Fox Jumps Over the Parson's Gate", "Come Lasses and Lads", "Ride a Cock Horse..", Go ldsmith's "Mrs.Mary Blaize", & "The Great Panjandrum Himself". George Routledge & Sons [R.Caldecott's Picture Books], n.d.; landscape format (24.5 x 20 cm); c.24pp per book; delightfully illustrated w ith colour plates & line-drawings; binder's half morocco with raised bands; leather scuffed (some surface loss); contents in very good condition with only hint of foxing & one sl rippled page.[ DR 5 ]  £95.00

[092318HK] Caldwell, Robert,. A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian Or South-Indian Family of Languages. ISBN: 8120601173. 3rd ed. rev. and edited / by J. L. Wyatt, & T. Ramakrishna Pillai. Asian Educational Services, New Delhi, 1987, Reprint of the 1913 edition, xl, 640pp., Includes bibliographical references and index. Good hardback. *** A group of people who came through Arabia to settle on the Asian mainland at the Strait of Hormuz and on the Indus river in what is now Afghanistan. These people were driven southward into India. Some scholars attribute this to a later 'Aryan invasion.' Dravidian languages, including the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada languages spoken especially in southern India and northern Sri Lanka. [ sp ling ]  £7.50

[016736] CALKINS, R.G.,. Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages. New York, 1983; qto; 341pp; beautifully illustrated with frontispiece and 158 plates, including 24 in full colour; in publisher's cloth (spine gilt); d.w.; d.w v sl dust-soiled with small chip in head of spine, volume near-fine. (V small inscription). *An authorative and innovative introduction to illuminated manuscripts [ sp ]  £25.00

[F0538] Callimachus. Hymns and Epigrams, Lycophron , Aratus, Phaenomena. Lycophron, Aratus.. bi lingual edition Greek- Transl. by A.W. & G.R. Mair. English ( Loeb classical library volume L129 ) ,fine hard back, d/j [sp]  £12.50

[F0318] CAMERON, Alan,. Porphyrius the Charioteer.. ISBN: 0198148054. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, ( Sandpiper reprint of 1973 edition ) 1999. new hardback 286pp black and white plates. [ sp cl ]  £12.50

[007574] CAMMAERTS, Emile, .. The Adoration of the Soldiers.. London, n.d.; folio (32 x 26cm); 55pp; illustrations by Louis Raemaekers (frontispiece & five plates); red decorations in dual language text (English/French); cloth; gilt lettering and design on fr bd ; cloth used & slightly soiled with two small splits in fore-edge and trace of stitching to rear; a few minute inkspots in contents, which are o/w in very good condition.  £7.00

[F0353] Campbell Thompson, R., 1876-1941.. The epic of Gilgamish text, transliteration and Notes By R. Campbell Thompson.. Oxford : Clarendon Press, 1930, 92, 59 p. : ill. ; 35 cm. folio , includes bibliographical references. Full cloth, title label and title label recessed on front board (new binding ) A fine copy of this rare book. [ DL II/5 ]  £125.00

[091126] Campbell, Thomas,. The Pleasures of Hope with Other Poems.. Edinburgh, 1811, 4 plates, small stain ob p. 73 p. 65 repaired, in new paper covered boards, new titling on spine and fron board. size: 16mo. [p rar ]  £9.50

[F0215] Camus, Albert .. Essais. (Bibl. de La Pleiade volume 183 ) Edited by Louis Faucon and Roger Quilliot, introduction by Roger Quilliot, consisting of a critical introduction, commentaries, notes and variants. Galimard 1972, 2000pp., full leather, richly decorated spine . ¶ *** contents: L'Envers et l'endroit - Noces - Le Mythe de Sisyphe - Lettres à un ami allemand (1943-1944) - Actuelles I, chroniques 1944-1948 - L'Homme révolté - Actuelles II, chroniques 1948-1953 - L'Été - Actuelles III, chroniques algériennes 1939-1958 - Réflexions sur la guillotine - Discours de Suède (1957). Essais critiques : Introduction aux « Maximes » de Chamfort - Avant-propos à « La Maison du peuple », de Louis Guilloux - Rencontres avec André Gide - L'Artiste en prison - Roger Martin du Gard - Sur « Les Îles », de Jean Grenier - René Char. Appendices : Métaphysique chrétienne et néoplatonisme - Articles, préfaces, interviews, inédits. the translucent plastic cover of the dust jacket has a small hole, some pencilled notes on last blank page. [ wb 12 ]  £23.94

[090971] Camus, Albert .. Théatre Récits Nouvelles. Préface par Jean Grenier. Textes établis et annotés par Roger Quilliot. (Bibl. de La Pleiade volume 161 ) Gallimard, 1962, full leather, richly decorated spine. 1963, xxxvii,2082pp., text sl. browned, o/w/very good copy in d/j (d/j sl. frayed at top spine) ¶ *** contents: Théâtre : Caligula - Le Malentendu - L'État de siège - Les Justes - Révolte dans les Asturies. Adaptations : Les Esprits - La Dévotion à la croix - Un Cas intéressant - Le Chevalier d'Olmedo - Requiem pour une nonne - Les Possédés. Récits et nouvelles : L'Étranger - La Peste - La Chute - L'Exil et le royaume : La Femme adultère. Le Renégat. Les Muets. L'Hôte. Jonas. La Pierre qui pousse [1962] . Édition de Roger Quilliot, préface de Jean Grenier, [ wb 12 ]  £35.40

[092216-1] Capella, Martianus,. Die Hochzeit der Philologie und des Merkurs.. De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii. Diplomatischer Textabdruck, Konkordanzen und Wortlisten nach dem Codex Sangallensis 872. Old High German translation by Notker Der Deutsche von. St Gallen. Edited by Evelyn Scharabon Firchow with the assistance of R. Hotchkiss and R. Treece. 2 vols. 1999. XXXII/1171pp, cloth bound. Notker's Old high German Translation of Martianus Capella's De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii was written at the start of the 11th century for the pupils in the monastery school This important allegory about the seven liberal arts is preserved in the Old High German in a single version reprinted from the manuscripts. In addition the volumes contain Old High German and Latin concordances and reverse concordances, and other word lists and calculations designed to assist access to this important work.  £115.00

[F0438] CAREME, Maurice,. Femme. Avec les Eaux-fortes originales de John Dix. Bruxelles, Editions Roger Wastiau, 1972, as per the colophon this edition is corrected and considerably revised. This is one of the 20 copies with the etching in 2 states printed on 2 different papers. this copy is not numbered. Bound in blue cloth gilt title on spine  £9.50

[015216] Carpenter, Edward, ed.. A House of Kings: The History of Westminster Abbey.. with a message from Her Majesty the Queen. John Baker, 3rd impression, 1966. xix, 491 pages.illustrated with plates in b/w. F sl. sunned HB in frayed Dw.  £9.50

[091840-6] CARR, J.L., .. The First Saturday in May;. An echo of a Shropshire Lad. 1993. Black and white wood engravings from drawings and photographs taken at various villages on the first Saturday in May, 1993, by Nicholas Parry. White and green pictorial paper over boards. Title in red on front cover and spine. An edition of 140 copies, signed by Nicholas and Mary Parry. A charming book on cricket. [ DR - 1 ]  £45.00

[F0230] CARROLL, L.,. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.. Illustrated by John Tenniel. The Sally Press, n.d. (modern facsimile edition) 172pp., paperback. Raised coloured collage illustration pasted to covers, raised title in brass colours pasted to front cover [ SP presents ] .  £7.50

[091053] CARSON, Rachel. Silent Spring. (introd. by Peter Matthiessen) The efforts of the American agricultural chemical industry to suppress the publication of 'Silent Spring' in 1962 told their own story about the credibility of Rachel Carson's evidence. Controversy propelled the book to a mass audience; that it struck such a profound chord is a tribute to Carson's ability for presenting her findings in words which are both lyrical an d direct. She shows how, in controlling a few species of pests, the poison left behind by chemical insecticides began to wipe out huge tracts of countryside, killing wildlife with indiscriminate ease and passing through the food chain to affect humans. Folio Society, 2001, 320pp., seven full-page colour illustrations by Jonathan Hitchen Set in Sabon MT with Helvetica display, bound in cambric grained material, printed with a design by the artist. in slip case, new condition [ sp ]  £17.50

[M764] Caws, P. (ed.). The Causes of Quarrel. Essays on Peace, War and Thomas Hobbes., This thoughtful volume explores the connections between philosophy and politics for quesions of violence, war, and piece in the international context., Beacon Press, 1989., 224pp., hardback, dust jacket, as new condition [SP]  £6.00

[F0435] CHAADAEV, P.. SOCHINENIYA I PIS'MA P.YA. CHAADAEVA. Pod red.M.Gershenzona.. Tom 1-2 (in one volume), reprint of the edition Moscow 1913-1914. Texts in French and Russian. Mouette Press, Oxford, 1972; 790pp., portrait frontispiece, very good hardback sl. damage to one corner and bottom spine [ SP x 2 ]  £19.50

[F0521] Chalmers, Alex. A History of the Colleges, Halls, and Public Buildings, Attached to the University of Oxford, Including the Lives of the Founders: 2 Volume s. With a series of illustrative engravings by John Greig and James Sargent Storer. Oxford: Collingwood and Co. for J. Cooke and J. Parker, 1810. XVI,486 [ 14 ] pp., With an additional engraved titlepage, in a recent half claf binding with lthr corbners and marbled paper covered boards, red leather title labels on the spines. txt browned and foxed in places [ Dr 2 ]  £125.00

[F0487B] Chamberlain, Eric , A.W. Aspital (eds.). Catalogue of the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge Volume III , Part 1. Prints & drawings - General.. . 1980, 357pp., Bound in worn d/j [ ST ]  £12.00

[F0487] Chamberlain, Eric , A.W. Aspital (eds.). Catalogue of the Pepys Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge Volume III (1 & 2 ). 1: Prints & drawings - General.2: Prints and drawings: portraits. Abbreviations, indexes. This catalogue lists the portraits in Pepys's Library. In addition to Pepys's "Collection of Heads", there are also en tries for the much larger number of portraits to be found elsewhere, principally in the printed books. CONTENTS: Catalogue; subject index; index of painters, sculptors and other artist-designers; inde x of engravers. 1994,284pp., Bound [ ST ]  £24.50

[031453] Champion, Pierre. Ronsard et Son Temps. Champion, Librairie Hon.Champion, Paris, 1967; 4to; xviii + 508pp; illustrated with 24 plates (portraits & topography); bound in publ. cloth; head of spine, tiny mark on fore-edge, otherwise in very good condition. [ FL ]  £12.50

[092341HK] Chang, Namgui and Yong-Chol Kim. Functional Korean. ISBN: 0930878655. (A Communicative Approach Textbook)Each of the 18 lessons contains grammar and usage, words and phrases, summary of verb forms, reading and writing, and more. Contents include; "Greetings," "Office Visits," "Dining Out," "Taking Short Trips," "Shopping," etc.. Hollym International , 1989. - 4to. - 382pp. Roy8vo., hardback with d/j [ sp langs ]  £8.50

[013086] CHANSON DE GESTE -. La Chancun de Willame. transcribed by George Dunn and Published at His Expense. London: the Chiswick Press, 1903; sm. 4to; unnumbered pages [c. 140pp. December 1998] with two facs. plates; one double spread (foxed) orig. cloth-backed bds, paper label on spine; edges untrimmed. * Finely printed on heavy paper with many capital letters printed in red in an edition of 200 copies. "The two reproductions are of the same size as the original manuscript". The binding derives from bindings for the Kelmscott Press books while the typography is perhaps more akin to Doves Press books. Signature of Professor Dominica Legge on f. e. p. , bds & edges v. sl. foxed, the text side of end papers also foxed, one line added in pencil to one page. ¶ The Chanson de Geste transcribed here, a hitherto unknown manuscript of Aliscans [printed under the title of Chancun de Willame], belongs to the cycle of Guillaume d'Orange and was previously unknown. -- WILLIAM, Saint, of Gellone, Duke of Aquitaine -- added is La Chançun de Guillelme. Französische Volksepos des XI. Jahrhunderts. Halle, M. Niemeyer (Bilbliotheca Normannica, VIII), 1911. LXXVI-195 pp, no title page, no front wrapper, rear wrapper loosely inserted.  £75.00

[091086] CHARGES AGAINST THE LORD VISCOUNT PALMERSTON,. Proceedings on the Motion of Thomas Chisholm Anstey.. in the House of Commons, Wednesday Feb.23rd, 1848, extracted from Hansard's Parliamentary Debates; WITH: The same for Wednesday March 1st, 1848. Two parts, London, 1848; 12mo; 121, 65pp.; WITH: The Treaty of London. Address of the Mayor of Gateshead, Feb. 1st, 1864. Newcastle upon Tyne, 1864; 22pp. WITH: David Urquhart, Familiar Words, as affecting the Conduct of England in 1855. Second Series. London, 1855; pp.151-350, [ii]; WITH: David Urquhart, Public Opinion and its Organs; London, 1855; 94pp.; two leaves trimmed very close at outer margin. TOGETHER FIVE WORKS bound in one volume, cont. half roan, spine gilt; headband def., joints split, extremities rubbed. * The last-named work is apparently extracted from the first part of Urquhart's "Familiar Words. THOMAS CHISHOLM ANSTEY: Lawyer and politician, son of one of the first settlers in Tasmania, b. in London, England, 1816; d. at Bombay, India, 12 August, 1873. Educated at Wellington and the University College, London, he was called to the Bar in 1893. One of the earliest converts of the Oxford movement, he was shortly after appointed professor of law and jurisprudence at Prior Park College near Bath, and became an ardent champion of the rights and interests of the Catholics of England and Ireland. Joining O'Connell's forces, he resigned his professorship and devoted himself entirely to politics. In 1847 he was elected member of Parliament for Youghal, where he was prominent in the opposition to Lord Palmerston's foreign policy and advocated the repeal of the Irish and Scotch unions and the repeal of the currency laws. He retired from parliamentary life in 1852 and in 1854 was nominated Attorney General of Hongkong, but in the course of the radical reforms he inaugurated he came into collision with Sir John Bowring in 1858 and was suspended from office. Anstey's representations were brought to the attention of Parliament in 1859 but he was unable to obtain public redress, whereupon he retired to India and took up the practice of law at Bombay. His success was great; he filled a temporary vacancy on the bench in 1865, but again was compelled to resign his post on account of the opposition excited by his vigorous denunciation of commercial abuses in the Bengal government. He then returned to England in 1866 and in a tract entitled "A Plea for the Unrepresented for the Restitution of the Franchise" he advocated universal suffrage as a panacea for the ills resulting from class legislation. In 1867 he published an attack upon Disraeli's Reform Act of that year. In 1868 he returned to Bombay and resumed his practice and on his death was deeply lamented by the natives, whose causes he had always forwarded. He was accused of lack of moderation in his methods but never of lack of intelligence or honour in his purposes. Among his numerous pamphlets were: "A Guide to the Laws affecting Roman Catholics" (1842), and "The Queen's Supremacy considered in its relation with the Roman Catholics in England" (1850). He also contributed many articles to the Dublin Magazine, just then started under the direction of Newman, O'Connell, and Henry Bagshawe. [ DL 4/2]  £75.00

[006318] CHARLES, B. G.,. George Owen of Henllys: A Welsh Elizabethan.. A study of a scholar antiquary, topographer, figure in public affairs the reputation and esteem of whom lives on in the present day. National Library of Wales Press, Aberystwyth 1973. Xvi, 220pp. Boun d in red cloth with spine gilt titled. D. w. Features 7 photoplate illustrations 2 of them in colour. Pullout facsimile colour map of Pembroke- shire, 1603 at rear of volume. Fine copy in price-clipped fine d/w/  £15.00

[R50888] CHEKHOV -. Chekhov i mirovaya literatura, kniga 1.. Red.-Sost. Z.S. Papernyi i E.A. Polotskaya. Otvet. red. L.M. Rozen'blyum. Moskva,Izd-vo "Nauka", 1997. Seriya "Literaturnoe nasledstvo", v.100. Includes articles by Pruayar, S.Le Fleming, R. Tracy, etc.; bound, 639 pp., photos, fine edition of this milestone of the series.  £9.50

[005710] CHENG, Nien. Life and Death in Shanghai.. Grafton, 1986, 496pp. bound with d/j  £7.50

[011293] Chledowski, C. von,. Rom. 2 Volumes. Autoris. Uebers. a.d.Polnischen von Rosa Schapire. Bd.1: Die . Menschen der Renaissance [3.A.]. Bd.2: Die Menschen des Barock. Muenchen, Georg Mueller, 1913/12, [vi], 524, [vi], 549pp., with numerous b.&w. plates, orig. half leather, spines richly gilt, floral patterned paper bds (bindings by Huebel & Denck, Leipzig), one faded. a fine set [ WO]  £45.00

[031705] CHRISTENSEN, C.B.. The Hand of Memory. Selected Stories and Verse. The Meanjin Press, Melbourne, 1970; 4to (10 x 7"); xiv + 196 +[1]pp; with line illustrations (moslty in the text) by Douglas ALLAND, illus. e.p.s & marker ribbon; quarter buckram with canvas-backed boards; slipcase (extremities; head of spine sl.bumped, otherwise near-fine. *In an edition limited to 1,050 copies, this is a complementary copy signed (on the colophon page) & inscribed "to Robert Auty" from the author and his wife (possibly in her hand).[RL 2/1]  £35.00

[092533] Christie's (London). Imperial and Post-Revolutionary Russin Art. Auction catalogue Thursday 6 October 1988. Profusely illustrated with colour and b/w photogreaphs. Icons, lacquer, medals, badges, Malachite, furniture, textiles, sculpture, enamels, niello, silver, fabergé, glass, porcelain pre- and post-1917, books, prints, avant-garde, miniatures, 18th and 19th century pictures and drawings , Russian ballet and works of theatrical interest. 408pp., with the final price list. coloured wrappers as issued [ SP r art ]  £29.50

[R72495] CHUKOVSKII, K.. Dnevnik (1930-1969).. "Dnevnik" okhvatyvaet pochti sem'desyat let (1901-1969) nashego stoletiya. V nem otrazilis' lichnye nevzgody K.Chukovskogo i tyagoty, perezhivaemye obshchestvom v 30 - 40-e gg. Sokhranilis' i otzvuki tragedii Zoshchenko, Pasternaka, Vas. Grossmana, i podrobnosti literaturnoi zhizni i nravov tekh let. Moskva: "Sovremennyi pisatel'", 1995; 560 pp., facsimiles, b/w illustrations, photographs tipped in plates; kommentarii, ukazatel' imen; fine hardback.[sp]  £6.50

[R71577] CHUKOVSKII, K.,. CHUKOKKALA": Rukopisnyi al'manakh K. Chukovskogo.. the 1999 edition ed. by E. Chukovskii. numerous facsimiles of the orignal edition in reduced form with annotations and the texts. 1999, 400pp., hardback, fine ¶ The publication of the original variant of Chukokkala became possible after the removal of the ban of censorship on the names of its several participants. The manuscript almanac designed by Korney Chukovsky presents notes of numerous authors arranged in a chronological order and combined according to the general subjects. Facsimiles with handwritings of A.Blok, I.Repin and several other writers and artists are included.[sp]  £15.00

[R73693] Chukovskii,K.. Masterstvo Nekrasova. Izd-e 2-e, dopolnennoe. Moskva, Gosizdat Khudozhestvennoi lit-ry, 1955; 685pp., bound, portrait; spine rubbed, corners bumped, front hinge weak but board attached, ex-library copy [ sp rusl ]  £6.50

[R71546] Chukovsky, Kornei,. CHUKOKKALA": Rukopisnyi al'manakh K. Chukovskogo.. Facsimile edition. Comments to drawings by K. Chukovsky. The notes included in the almanach were collected from 1914 to 1969. Iskusstvo", M., 1979; 448pp., cloth + paper cover, profusely illustrated. drawings, portraits , sketches etc. ¶ To perpetuate something of the collegial spirit of Kuokkola, Kornei Chukovsky began to keep the combination of scrapbook, family album, and autograph book for which Repin found the best name Chukokkala. From the annotated account of this that was published in Moscow in 1979 it is clear that it never lacked for contributors. Though kept up until the end of the 1920s, the book was at its best and strongest until 1923 or thereabouts. Blok, Pasternak, Mayakovsky, Gorky, Remizov, Zoshchenko, and many another wrote for it. Drawings—above all of Chukovsky himself—were everywhere. From a visit to London in 1916, there were cameo appearances by H. G. Wells, John Buchan, Edmund Gosse, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Edward Grey, the former foreign secretary, who had composed in August 1914 the still-famous phrase about "the lights going out all over Europe. Chukokkala is an invisible document. We can only be glad that Chukovsky buried it, dug it up, kept it through difficult times, and clung to it as if it in some way validated that admiration in which he had been held. Together with the personal archive—apparently still intact—that he kept from 1900 until his death in 1969, Chukokkala is the record of a long life of concentrated work and what his daughter calls "cheerful, varied and energetic associations." It is remarkable that any such book, and any such archive, should have survived the long period in which to be caught with even a dozen lines of poetry on a sheet of paper could mean certain banishment and quite possibly a horrible death. [ sp ]  £35.00

[QM0177] CICERO. Marcus Tullius Cicero's Sämmtliche Reden. 3 Volumes.. Kritisch betrachtet und erläutert von Reinhold Klotz. Leipzig, Verlag von Johann Ambrosius Barth, 1835 - 1838, xcviii,666; xx,880; x,1142pp., Texts of the speeches in Latin with translations (shortened) and annotations and explanations in German, texts browned throughout, ex-library hardback set, later bindings with gilt titling on the spines, small stamps and blank embossed stamps on titles and last text pages, older shelf number on titles. solid set, RARE !  £75.00

[F0354] Cicero, Marcus Tullius -. Epistolarum ad T. Pomponium Atticum. 2 Volumes bound on One.. rec. et adnot. illustr. I.C.G. Boot. Amsterdam, C.G. van der Post, 1865-'66, XVI,332; VI,410pp., half calf with 5 raised bands, title label. spine and corners rubbed, ex-library copy with the book[plate of Prof. Heenry Francis Pelham, copy is ex-library Brasenose college Oxford. top pf f.e.p. cut off, text v.g. [ sp ]  £25.00

[QMF0476] Cicero, Marcus Tullius.. Les Aratea. Texte établi, traduit et commentée par Victor Buescu. Avec un avant-propos de A. Ernout. Reprint of the 1941 edition. Olms, 1966, XX,403pp., 4 plates of which one folding, v.g. ex-library Westfield college, with their bookplate and acquisitions label on first pasted down and small stamps on title and last page. Text very good, cloth binding sunned and with a small dent on bottom edge of front board, gilt tiel label and shelf number in ink on spine, gilt title on front board. [ sp ]  £16.50

[F0783] Cicero: M. Tulli Ciceronis. Orationes Vol.5: Cum Senatui gratias egit ; Cum populo gratias egit ; De domo suo ; De haruspicum responso ; Pro Sestio ; In Vatinium ; De Provinciis consularibus ; Pro Balbo.. recognovit brevique adnotatione critica instruxit Gulielmus Peterson. Series:Scriptorum Classicorum Bibliotheca Oxoniensis. Oxonii : e typographeo Clarendoniano, 1962 , v..g. hardback, rugby school label on f.e.p. no d/j  £6.50

[013060] CIPOLLA, Carlo M.. Cristofano and the Plague. A Study in The History of Public Health in The Age of Galileo. 1973, 188pp., 11 photographs on 8 plates, maps, Bound with d/j  £7.50

[093075-6] Clairmont, Christoph W.. Classical Attic Tombstones. 7 Text Volumes and One Plate Volume. AND Supplementary Volume to Classcial Attic Tombstones? 1993-1995, text: about 3000pp., and more than 2000 b/w illustrations in the plate volume.. the supplement has 122pp., and over 150 b/w illustrations. Hardbacks.  £450.00

[093194] Clairmont, Christoph W.. Classical Attic Tombstones. 7 Text Volumes and One Plate Volume. AND Supplementary Volume to Classcial Attic Tombstones? 1993-1995, text: about 3000pp., and more than 2000 b/w illustrations in the plate volume.. the supplement has 122pp., and over 150 b/w illustrations. Hardbacks.  £450.00

[093138-8] Clairmont, Christoph W.. Classical Attic Tombstones. 7 Text Volumes and One Plate Volume. AND Supplementary Volume to Classcial Attic Tombstones? 1993-1995, text: about 3000pp., and more than 2000 b/w illustrations in the plate volume.. the supplement has 122pp., and over 150 b/w illustrations. Hardbacks.  £450.00

[008457] CLARENDON, Edward Earl of,. The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England. to which is added an Historical View of the Affairs of Ireland. A New Edition exhibiting a faithful collation of the original ms., with all the suppressed passages; also the unpublished notes of Bishop Warburton. WITH The Life ... in which is included a continuation of his History of the Grand Rebellion written by himself. AND Religion and Policy and the Countenance and Assistance each should give to other.... Together 13 volumes bound in twelve, Oxford, 1826/27 and 1811; cont. leather, bds gilt-tooled & embossed with the University arms, a.e.g.; rebacked in modern calf (not quite matching) with black labels & modest gilt ornament; edges of bds a little rubbed. some more so. * Very scarce thus with the FIRST EDITION of "Religion and Policy" bound u & Life though published 15 years earlier. bound [ SP ]  £195.00

[093108] Clarke Arthur C.,. THE HAMMER OF GOD. ISBN: 0575056169. Book Club Associates 1993, Fine hardback in fine dustwrapper 1st BCA edition  £7.50

[F0229] Clarke, Arthur C.,. Rendezvous with Rama. ( Masterpieces of Science Fiction ) Introduction by George Zebrowski , Double frontispiece Illustration by Bob Eggelton. Easton Press 1993, Limited Edition. First Printing. Full gilt-embossed leather binding. Collector's edition with four raised bands and gilt lettering on spine spine, t.e.g. , and satin bookmarker. Rendezvous with Rama is a novel by Arthur C. Clarke first published in 1972. Set in the 22nd century, the story involves a thirty-mile-long cylindrical alien starship that passes through Earth's solar system. The story is told from the point of view of a group of human explorers, who intercept the ship in an attempt to unlock its mysteries. [ Shop presents ]  £45.00

[092462HK] Clason, W. E.,. Elsevier's Dictionary of Television and Video Recording in Six Languages.. ISBN: 0444412247. Englsih/American-French-Spanish-Italian-Dutch and German. Compiled and arranged on the English alphabetical basis. Elsevier, 1975,608pp., very good hardback in good d/j [d/j only sl. used ] thumb-indexed. [sp]  £15.00

[F0891sp] Clason, W. E.,. Elsevier's Dictionary of Cinema, Sound and music in Six Languages.. ISBN: 0444412247. Englsih/American-French-Spanish-Italian-Dutch and German. Compiled and arranged on the English alphabetical basis by W.E. Clason. Elsevier, 1956,948pp., good hardback , spine and corners rubbed, thumb-indexed. [sp]  £8.50

[093173] Claude de Bourdeilles, comte de Montrésor.. Mémoires de monsieur de Montrésor. Diverses pièces durant le Ministére du cardinal de Richelieu. Relation de Monsieur de Fontrailles. Affaires de Mrs. le Comte de Soissons, Duc de Guise & de Bouillon.. (Nephew of Brantôme) A Leyde, Chez Jean Sambix le jeune, a la Sphère, 1665, [ = Bruxelles, Foppens ) [4] 431pp., This title also appeared in 1663 with the imprint of the same fictitious publisher Jean Sambix le jeune, but in Cologne. ¶ Claude de Bourdeilles, comte de Montrésor, 1608 - 1663. Un acteur de la Fronde. Cadet de la maison de Bourdeilles, conseiller écouté de Gaston d'Orléans, le frère de Louis XIII, il joua dans l'opposition nobiliaire à Richelieu, puis à Mazarin, un rôle central. "Dans ses Mémoires, [il] apparaît comme le symbole du gentilhomme de cette époque. Il évoque notamment la nécessité de respecter "les formes", indiquant par là que, pour lui, la politique réside dans le maintien de la tradition et dans la primauté du droit." (Jean-Marie Constant dans Fr. Bluche (Dir.) Dictionnaire du Grand Siècle, Fayard, 1990. Dans ses Mémoires, La Rochefoucauld parle de lui à plusieurs reprise. Quant au cardinal de Retz, à qui il fut pourtant fort utile lors de la Fronde, il note (en août 1648) que Montrésor est "d'autant plus dangereux pour conseiller les grandes choses, qu'il les avait beaucoup plus dans l'esprit que dans le coeur." A la fin de sa vie, il se réconcilia avec la cour et passa ses dernières années dans la retraite, tout entier à son amour pour Mademoiselle de Guise, dont il avait eu 3 enfants naturels. Il a laissé, dit le dictionnaire biographique de Michaud, > C'est dire que comme écrivain autant que comme acteur de la Fronde, on ne mettra pas les Mémoires Montrésor, qui s'arrêtent à la veille de la Fronde, sur le même plan que celles de Retz ou de La Rochefoucauld. "Ce que l'on doit donc chercher et ce que l'on peut espérer [y] trouver, notait en 1838 l'éditeur des Mémoires de Montrésor dans la Collection Michaud et Poujoulat, ce sont de petites données sur de petites conjurations, racontées en détail par des témoins oculaires, et dont l'authenticité paraît suffisamment établie au moyen de nombreux documents contemporains." . this copy has the library stamp of the Royal House of Hannover on the title and the same embossed on the front board, on the reverse title there is a red stamp with the text : ex bibliotheca Ernesti Aug. Hannnov. regis, from the library of the House of Hannover, the library was sold by auction at Hauswedell c. 1970, full calf, 5 raised bands richly decorated spine, edges and corners worn, gilt library number top of spine. see Willems 2015. Brunet 3, 1871, [ WB 9 ]  £95.00

[F0087] Cleland, John. Specimen of an Etimological Vocabulary, or, Essay, By Means of the Analitic Method,. Davis, to Retrieve the Antient CELTIC. By the author of a pamphlet entitled, The WAY to THINGS by WORDS, and to WORDS by THINGS. London, printed for L.Davis and C.Reymers, in Holbourn, Printers to the Royal Society. MDCCLXVIII (1768) xvi, 231 [1] (the last page being the conditions of subscription to this work received by the author and the printers. First edition, 8vo, modern half brown calf ; Previous owner's signature in ink on top of title page and the name of Cleland also added in ink: in centre of title page. Cleland is better known as the author of Fanny Hill or the Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure (1750), a work "so licentious that Cleland was summoned before the privy council where he pleaded his poverty as an excuse" (DNB). He turned his attention to the study of the English language and wrote at least two books on philol ogical subjects. "How ill Cleland was equipped for philological studies may be gathered from the spelling of a pamphlet issued by him in 1787: Specimen of an etimological vocabulary." Lowndes, howeve r, calls it "an esteemed work." Alston V, 363 and 364; Vancil, p. 52. Price [see Lowndes I,477; Halkett-Laing,V,339 ] title page very sl. browned, otherwise near fine copy of this rar e book.  £750.00

[003794] Cobb, Gerald.. The Old Churches of London.. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1942. x, 116 pages.Coloured frontispiece and many b/w plates and illustrations in the text. Covers and text spotted. name in ink on f.e.p. Bindings sound. [sp ]  £9.00

[092813] Cocteau, Jean,. Oeuvres Romanesques Complètes.. (Bibliothèque de la Pléiade volume 524 ) contents: Le Potomak - Le Grand Écart - Thomas l'imposteur - Le Livre blanc - Les Enfants terribles - La Fin du Potomak - Drôle de ménage - Nouvelles et autres textes brefs [2006]. Édition de Serge Linares, préface d'Henri Godard, 2006, 1152 pp., 240 ill. - full richly decorated calf leather in slip case . ¶ Mes censeurs me reprochent du brio, et mes approbateurs craignent que ce brio ne me nuise » : Cocteau était lucide sur la manière dont on percevait son œuvre romanesque. Au reste, les six romans publiés entre 1919 et 1940 forment-ils une œuvre, avec ce que ce terme suppose de cohérence ? On s’est plu à insister sur leur brièveté, sur la discontinuité des épisodes, sur la désinvolture de l’auteur à l’égard des détails censés donner au récit l’épaisseur du vécu et entraîner l’adhésion du lecteur. En somme, on a utilisé les critères d’évaluation du roman traditionnel pour estimer la valeur d'une œuvre (car cette édition le montre bien, c’en est une) qui est d’une autre nature. Elle s’écrit dans un temps où les formes romanesques classiques sont contestées. Contre le roman, les surréalistes utilisent l’artillerie lourde : tir de barrage, puis de destruction. Les armes de Cocteau sont plus subtiles. Souvent, il paraît jouer le jeu du roman, mais il en modifie les règles. Le but n’est plus de donner aux personnages une illusion de vie. La manière prend le pas sur la matière, l’écriture sur l’histoire, la cohérence poétique sur la logique narrative. Cocteau range son œuvre romanesque sous l’intitulé « poésie de roman ». « Nos maîtres cachèrent l’objet sous la poésie. […] Notre rôle sera dorénavant de cacher la poésie sous l’objet. » Conséquence : il faut aller au fond des choses pour percevoir l’unité indéniable de l’œuvre. « Des critiques ont consacré d’aimables études au Potomak, sans voir son noyau. Noyau amer, à partir de quoi, jusqu’à sa surface, le livre se trouve fait par couches. » Dans la quête nécessaire du centre de gravité des romans, la poésie des images peut servir de guide. « Images » : réseaux de métaphores, mais aussi suites d’illustrations. Jamais Cocteau ne dissociera sa poésie de roman de la poésie parallèle des dessins. C’est d’un album que naît l’étrange Potomak, et les textes suivants seront presque tous accompagnés d’images. Non par souci d’ornement : les dessins font partie des livres. Et lorsqu’ils apparaissent « hors texte », ils proposent une relecture de l’oeuvre par son auteur, et permettent, à qui sait voir, d’en discerner le « noyau ». Aussi ce volume leur fait-il une large place. [ WB-3]  £59.40

[M600] Cohen - Almagor, R.,. The Boundaries of Liberty and Tolerance. the struggle against kahanism in Israel.. Foreword by G. Marshall., Univ. press of Florida,1994, xv,329pp., fine copy in d/j  £9.50

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[F0796] Collection: Biblioteka poeta. Malaya seriya.. Collection: Biblioteka poeta. Malaya seriya. 8 Volumes of the Series. containing the following volumes: Byliny. (1950 g.) - L. A. Mei: Stikhotvoreniya. (1951 g.) - Poety - Radishchevtsy ( I. Pnin, V. Popugaev, I. Born, A. Vostokov ). (1952 g.) - V. Raevskii: Stikhotvoreniya. (1952 g.) - Apollon Grigor'ev: Stikhotvoreniya i poemy. (1966 g.) - I. Franko: Stikhotvoreniya i poemy. (1968 g.) - Boris Pasternak: Stikhotvoreniya i poemy. (1976 g.) - Maksimilian Voloshin: Stikhotvoreniya. (1977 g.). Leningrad: "Sovetskii pisatel'". Small-sized volume, frontispiece portraits, good hardbacks.  £25.00

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[093002] Confino, Alon,. Germany as a Culture of Remembrance: Promises and Limits of Writing History. 2006, XVII,306pp., 10 colour and 46 b/w illustrations, notes, index. new paperback ¶ *** An acknowledged authority on German history and memory, Alon Confino presents in this volume an original critique of the relations between nationhood, memory, and history, applied to the specific case of Germany. In ten essays (three never before published and one published only in German), Confino offers a distinct view of German nationhood in particular and of nationhood in general as a product of collective negotiation and exchange between the many memories that exist in the nation. The first group of essays centers on the period from 1871 to 1990 and explores how Germans used conceptions of the local, or Heimat, to identify what it meant to be German in a century of ideological upheavals. The second group of essays comprehensively critiques and analyzes the ways laypersons and scholars use the notion of memory as a tool to understand the past. Arguing that the case of Germany contains particular characteristics with broader implications for the way historians practice their trade, Germany as a Culture of Remembrance examines the limits and possibilities of writing history. [ Ger his ]  £9.00

[AZF0733] Contenau, G.,. La Civilisation d' Assur et De Babylone.. Paris, Payot, 1937, 52 illustrations and maps, 23 plates, 260pp., spine, wrappers damaged , some pencil annot. in margins [AL]  £6.50

[091695] CONVERSI, Daniele. The Basques, the Catalans and Spain:. Alternative Routes to Political Mobilisation. (Ethnonationalism and comparative perspective series) 2nd impr. 2000, xvi,312pp., maps new paperback [ sp hist spain ]  £12.50

[F0245] COPELAND, Dale C.. The Origins of Major War. Cornell UP, 2000. ISBN: 0801437504. "For war is a game which if men were wise men would not play at" . A study of war and what drives nations to it. Bound. dustwrapper. xi, 322pp. good condition.[ SP ]  £9.50

[092562-11] CORNFORD, F.M.,. Microcosmographia Academica.. Being a guide for the young academic politician. Preface by W.K.C. Guthrie. Illustrated with early 20th century pencil- and pen drawings. A new edition of this classic. 1998, lge8vo., [humor Oxford university life politics ] lge8vo. sized paperback [ SP ]  £9.95

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[030394] COURIER, Paul-Louis. Les Pastorales De Longus Ou Daphne et Chloë. 0, Traduction de M. Jacques Amyot. Revue, corrigé, complétée et de nouveau refaite en grande partie. Paris, 1925; xxvii, 129pp; 8vo, perhaps grand papier; running heads lettered in red; bound in publ. paper wrappers; head & tail of spine v sl chafed, a few pages unopened, otherwise in good-plus condition. *LIMITED EDITION, numbered 545 of 4000 printed on papier vellin du marais. [ FL]  £9.50

[KB038561] COURT W.H.B.. Scarcity and Choice in History. .., 1970. A selection of writings carrying the underlying theme of the tension between resources and human need and desire,and the part played by economics in this sometimes lamentable state of affairs. Bound. dustwrapper. Viii, 256pp. Dw edges worn. f.good condition.  £5.50

[092312] Cranach-Presse- Homer. Die Odyssee. 2 Volumes. Neu ins Deutsche übertragen von Rudolf Alexander Schröder. Weimar u. Leipzig, Cranach-Presse for Insel Verlag, 1907 - 1910, printed by R.Wagner & Sohn. 2 volumes, 4to. [3] 179pp., [3] 170pp., With two title illustrations and 3 chapter heading woodcuts by Aristide Maillol, Titles and initials by Eric Gill. Original half vellum bindings, with the boards covered with decorative coloured paper designed by Mariano Fortuny after an old-Cretan design. Text printed in red and black. The edition was planned by Harry Count Kessler and Anton Kippenberg of the Insel Verlag. Originally both the Odyssey and the Iliad were planned, but the Iliad never appeared. Volume 1 came out in May 1910 and volume 2 in January 1911. R.A. Schroeder's translation took longer than expected, however when it was finally published it was praised, e.g. by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. See: Müller-Krumbach 17 and 17a. Sarkowski 784. Schauer II, One of the 300 copies for sale of which this is number 322, numbered by hand . the vellum is sl. soiled, corners of volume 2 worn, volume 1 less so the paper covered boards sl. faded, small dent of 2 mm in front of volume 2, minimal damage to top of board of volume 1.  £1,500.00

[016745] CROMBIE, A.C.. Augustine to Galileo. The History of Science A.D. 400-1650.. 0, Heinemann,, 1957;xvi, 436pp; with 8 plates and 49 figures in the text; bibliography; original cloth; Spine sl rubbed, min. wear to extremities, contents clean and sound [ sp sc ]  £25.00

[F1279] CRONIN, Vincent, G.R. ELTON, G.R., J.R. HALE, and B. PENROSE,. The Story of the Renaissance. 5 Volumes. Folio Society, 2001, 1. The Renaissance in Europe: xviij, 342pp. Vol. 2. The Florentine Renaissance: xxviij, 364pp. Vol. 3. Travel and Discovery in the Renaissance: xviij, 486pp. Vol. 4. The Flowering of the Renaissance: xx, 330pp. Vol. 5. Europe from Renaissance to Reformation: xxxvi, 322pp. Each volume with illustrations, bibliography, index. hardbacks in slip case.  £35.00

[091996DL] Cruikshank, George. A Comic Alphabet. Pentonville: George Cruikshank, 1836 First edition Original pictorial boards, measures 90 x 127 mm., Designed, etched and published by George Cruikshank. Twenty-four b/w etchings, folded into boards. The plates are folded in a continuous panorama of the alphabet. The rear board is illustrated with an image of Tilt in his shop and advertising the Comic Almanak for 1836. Leaves in good overall condition, with occasional foxing, a small hole at the edge between plate 1 and 2, oards / edges / corners sl. Worn/soiled/discoloured, 4 mm missing at the top of the spine. TOGETHER WITH the facsimile edition with coloured plates published by the Arts Council of Great Britain, this is slightly larger ( WB - 3 ]  £950.00

[F0171] CRUM, E.. A COPTIC DICTIONARY. OUP, The pre-eminent Coptic scholar and author of the Catalogues of Coptic Manuscripts for both the British Museum and the John Rylands Library, Walter Ewing Crum (1865-1944) devoted thirty-five years to the preparation of the Coptic dictionary. Originally published in 1939, the work immediately became, and has remained, the definitive dictionary of the Coptic language. This compilation presents a total of 3,308 recorded words (excluding variants), drawn directly from the texts. Each word is given with variant word-forms, its context in English summary, the original or equivalent words in Greek and illustration of its use. Drawn from sources including Sa'idic and Bohairic manuscripts, medieval vocabularies, Manichean papyri, magical texts, inscriptions, and official, ecclesiastical and private documents, the dictionary offers a comprehensive view of the language in all its dialects and all aspects of its literature: biblical, patristic and mundane. With English, Greek and Arabic indexes. Re-issue 1990, XXIV, 953pp., 255 x 230, cloth, fine copy in protective cellophane d/j t.e. sl. dusty. [ WB ]  £95.00

[092509-1] CRUM, W.E.,. Coptic Monuments.. ( Catalogue général des Antiquités Egyptiennes du Musée du Caire (Service des Antiquitées de l'Egypte) Reprint 1902/1975, Folio, Iv,160pp., 57 Plates. Hardback, fine [sp anc NE ]  £95.00

[002391] CUMMING, W. P.,. The Exploration of North America 1630-1776.. A well documented and meticulous survey of the European expansion programme in the new world, featuring eye-witness accounts and narratives of the settlers, traders, soldiers, administrators etc. By W . P. Cumming, S. Hillier, D. B. Quinn and G. Williams. Paul Elek, London 1974. 272pp. Bound in green cloth. Dustjacket; d/j creased at upper end and clipped on inside fr. corner. Features 400 illustrations, some in colour. Good condition. [ SP ]  £25.00

[008558] CUNNINGHAM, George Godfrey, .. Lives of Eminent and Illustrious Englishmen.. From Alfred the Great to the Latest Times. Inspired by readers` empathy with the personal interest of historical figures, these volumes provide numerous biographical portraits of those prominent in pu blic life the arts, sciences etc. Edited by G.G.Cunningham. {8 Volumes in 16 books] Fullarton, Glasgow 1836. Each volume frontispieced by engraved portraits, undertaken by S. Freeman. Bound in green f aint patterned cloth with title label pasted to faded spine. many spine ends rubbed, and cnrs. bumped. Uncut. Some foxing on page edges, particularly on opening pages. Bookplate of John Robinson of Ke ndal, Westmorland on fr. pastedowns of 10 vols. Neat stamp of ownership, Mr.Thomas Harrison, solicitor, on f.e.p. Volumes time worn, but in fairly sound condition.  £25.00

[092857] Cureton , W., [Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch, Saint, Martyr, c.35-c.107. ]. Corpus Ignatianum: A Complete Collection of the Ignatian Epistles genuine, interpolated, and spurious; together with numerous extracts from them, as quoted by ecclesiastical writers down to the tenth century; in Syriac, Greek, and Latin :. an English translation of the Syriac text, copious notes, and introduction, by William Cureton. London, Francis and John Rivington, 1849, [4], xvii, lxxxvii, [2], 365, [2] pp.; double-page pl. of Syriac mss. drawn by Harrietta Cureton, lithographed in red & black; size 26 x 17 cm., text in Syriac, Greek, Latin and English. Robust and elegant full dark brown calf leather binding, with some mottled lighter patches and a few scuff marks; front and rear covers each blind-ruled with double lines to form one main central panel, narrower panels along all four sides, and four corner panels, each corner with blind stamped floral ornament; spine with title in gilt on red leather title label , four raised bands with blind stamped floral ornaments between them; the top 5 cm. of the spine has at some time been neatly repaired and strengthened, though the repair material now covers the place where a fifth raised band was originally positioned; lower part of spine has a former library shelfmark in small white numerals on black background ("2.81.3"); head and tail bands; lower rear hinge has a small split, pages edged in red; marbled end papers; pasted on to the front endpapers are bookplates of Thomas Hodgkin (1831-1913, a prominent Quaker and historian) and the Woodbrooke Library (a Quaker institution in Birmingham), with a label indicating that the Woodbrooke Library received the volume from the library of Dr. Hodgkin on 12 November 1913; apart from foxing of a few pages at the beginning and end of the book, and neat pencilled notes in the margins of about ten pages, the text is clean and unmarked. Very scarce. An important date in the Ignatian controversy was the year 1845, when Canon Cureton published a Syriac version of the epistles to St. Polycarp, the Ephesians, and the Romans. The three epistles contained in this version appear in a much shorter form than is found in the Greek text and Latin version. A fragment of the epistle to the Trallians is incorporated in the epistle to the Romans, but none of the other epistles appear in the collection. The text of Cureton's edition was based upon two MSS. in the British Museum. The former of these two MSS. dates from the sixth century. It was purchased by Archdeacon Tattam from the convent of St. Mary Deipara in the Nitrian desert in 1839. The second MS. dates from the seventh or eighth century, and was brought from Egypt by Archdeacon Tattam in 1842. Cureton maintained that these three epistles alone represented the genuine Ignatius, that the Vossian collection contained these three in an interpolated form, and that the remaining four letters of the Vossian collection were forgeries. This rekindled the controversy. Dr. Christopher Wordsworth, afterwards Bishop of Lincoln, declared the newly-discovered version to be an epitome of the genuine letters made by an Eutychian heretic. This led Cureton to a fuller treatment of the question. He had meanwhile discovered an additional MS. of the three epistles, brought, like the first-named, from the convent of St. Mary Deipara, and dating from at least the ninth century. He now published his great work Corpus Ignatianum (London, 1849), which contains a full treatment of the whole question. Cureton's view was supported by Bunsen and several eminent scholars. But it has failed to hold its ground. Apart from the fact that the seven letters of the Vossian collection were plainly known to Eusebius and Theodoret, they exhibit a perfect unity of authorship and style throughout. Cureton's theory requires us to suppose that the interpolator was able to reproduce in his additions to the letters the most subtle characteristics of language and grammar. A similar difficulty occurs when we examine the relation of Cureton's Syriac version to the Syriac version of the seven letters. The one is plainly derived from the other, and it is far more probable that the Curetonian Syriac version is an abridged form of the Syriac version of the seven letters, than that the latter is an expansion of the former. Epistle to Polycarp, to the Ephesians and to the Romans: on the left opening Cureton's restored Greek text at the head with the shorter and longer recensions in parallel, on the right the Syriac from his ms a at the head with the longer and shorter Latin versions. For the epistle to the Magnesians, Trallians, Philadelphians and Smyrnians: the shorter and longer Greek recensions on the left, the longer and shorter Latin on the right. Fragments of `Other Ignatian epistles, not mentioned by Eusebius' include epistles from and to Maria Cassobolita, to the Tarsians, to the Antiochians, to Hero the Deacon and to the Philippians, in parallel Greek and Latin; to John Apostle and Evangelist I-II and to S. Mary the Virgin, in Latin only. -- Testimonies respecting St. Ignatius, and extracts from the Ignatian epistles as cited by various authors down to the tenth century, p. [158]-195 -- Passages from the Ignatian epistles, and extracts from various writers respecting St. Ignatius, in Syriac, p. [196]-225 -- English translation from the Syriac, p. [226]-55 -- Excerpta Ignatiana Aethiopice, p. [256]-62, Ethiopic and Latin on facing pages -- Notes, p. [263]-363, with Syriac text of the Epistle to the Tarsians, obtained by the British Museum in 1847, p. 363-65. [ DR - 3 ]  £350.00

[017102] Cust, Robert N.. A Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East Indies.. Accompanied by Two Language Maps. Facsimile of 1878 Truebner Oriental Series edition. 8vo blue cloth, gilt, 198pp [sp ling l ]  £5.95

[015215] Cuttino, G.P. and J.P. Trabut-Cussac, eds.. Gascon Register A (Series of 1318-1319).. Ed. from British Museum Cottonian MS. Julius E. i. 3 Volumes. London: Oxford UP for the British Academy 1975-6. lxxviii, 311; 312-718; vi, 719-882 pages. All volumes Fine. green cloth [sp]  £65.00

[M164] Cutts E L. Scenes and Characters of the Middle Ages. 552pp, hardback. Contents: 1. The Monks 2. The Hermits and Recluses 3. The Pilgrims 4. The Secular Clergy 5. The Minstrels 6. The Knights 7. The Merchants. [ SP ]  £15.00

[R73554] CVETKO, D.. Musikgeschichte der Südslawen.. Kassel/Maribor,Bärenreiter/Zalozba Obzorja, 1975, 272pp., with music samples, bound, d/j.  £5.50

[F0374] D'AUBIGNE, Agrippa,. Les Tragiques. Edition nouvelle publiee d'apres le manuscrit conserve parmi les papiers de l'auteur. Avec des additions et des notes par Charles Read.. Paris, Librairie des Bibliophiles (Jouaust), 1872. XLVII-360pp., new half blue leather with leather corners, spine with 2 red leather title labels. 5 raised bands. text darkened. o/w a fine copy. ¶ VICAIRE II, 516 [ sp ]  £35.00

[030015] D'AUMALE, M. Le Duc,. Histoire Des Princes De Condé Pendant Les XVIe et XVIIe Siècles. 2 Volumes.. Paris 1863-'64; iv, 580 & 588pp; with two engraved portrait frontispieces and a large folding map; publisher's half-calf; bindings sl rubbed at extremities, some corners bumped, fine crack in surface of spine-leather, faint "tape" mark on top inner corners of boards, sl hint of foxing on prelims, otherwise good. [ dr 2 ]  £35.00

[091734] DANTE -. The purgatory of Dante Alighieri: 2 Volumes.. Part 1: Purgatorio i-xxvii; an experiment in literal verse translation. With an introduction by Walter Pater, M.A. (Brasenose college,Oxford) Part 2: The earthly Paradise (cantos xxviii - xxxiii ) With an introduction by John Earle (Professor of Anglo-Saxon/Oxford). MacMillan, 1892-1899, xxviii,411;cxxxviii,100pp., including the errata for vols 1 and 2. ex-library hardbacks with the usual markings (unobtrusive) text unopened, but vandal opening just pp. lvii- lx carelessly damaged the edges of these 2 sheets. White decorative cloth bindings sl. soiled with shelf marks at the bottoms of spines and these covered with small strip of cellotape. RARE COMPLETE SET, ONE USUALLY ONLY FINDS VOLUME 1. First Printing (No Additional Printings indicated). Very hard to find. Hardcover. No dust jacket (none issued). Xxviii,411 pages. [ sp]  £14.50

[092788] Dante Alighieri,. Il trattato De vulgari eloquentia. Per cura di Pio Rajna. ( Società Dantesca Italiana opere minori di Dante Alighieri - edizione critica ) Firenze, Le Monnier, 1896, CCXV, + 3 plates with facsimiles of the original manuscripts - Codice Trivulziano and Codice Vaticano - + 206pp., De vulgari eloquentia, written probably in 1303-04, by Dante in the early years of the fourteenth century, is the only known work of medieval literary theory to have been produced by a practising poet, and the first to assert the intrinsic superiority of living, vernacular languages over Latin. Dante wrote this to highlight the dignity of vulgar (or the "language of the people"), to uphold the dialect, which he found mature enough to substitute Latin and to become what is now known as the Italian language. His literary work at this epoch centres round his rime, or lyrical poems, more particularly round a series of fourteen canzoni or odes, amatory in form, but partly allegorical and didactic in meaning, a splendid group of poems which connect the "Vita Nuova" with the "Divina Commedia". Early in 1304 he seems to have gone to Bologna. Here he began, but left unfinished, this Latin treatise, in which he attempts to discover the ideal Italian language, the noblest form of the vernacular, and then to show how it should be employed in the composition of lyrical poetry. Even in its unfinished state it is a most illuminating book to all who wish to understand the metrical form of the Italian canzone. The digression on the vernacular in the first treatise of the Convivio was developed into this thoroughly original work and planned to include at least four books and to deal with the origins and history of language and the complete range of styles and forms used in vernacular literature. To convince even the most conservative among the literati of the worth of the vernacular and, at the same time, to pay it the ultimate accolade, the analysis is conducted in Latin. The treatise remained unfinished and unpublished, probably overshadowed, like the Convivio, by the dawning of the Commedia. Nevertheless, it is of fundamental importance both for the history of the 'questione della lingua' and for what it reveals of Dante's perspectives on language and style. The first book begins, astonishingly, by asserting the superiority of the vernacular over Latin (known also as gramatica). To justify his radically unconventional view - the opposite of what he had stated in the Convivio - Dante traces a brief history of human language from the first word ever spoken by Adam (rather than by Eve, as the Bible states) to the building of the Tower of Babel and the ensuing gradual division, subdivision, and, finally, atomisation of idioms which characterise present usage. Dante shows an unprecedented grasp of the historical character of language as a living organism in continuous evolution through time and space. Of the three closely related, Latin-derived languages in Southern Europe (the languages of oc, ool and s"), Italian (the language of s") presents the greatest variety. However, none of its many (at least fourteen) dialects is in itself dignified enough to become the literary language of Italy. Such a language already exists, not as an immanent presence but as a transcendent paradigm to which the best Italian poets strive to conform. It is the 'illustrious vernacular', a literary language free from, and superior to, all municipalisms, and already as fixed as Latin within the ever changing flux of local idioms: effectively, a new gramatica. The second book is Dante's ars poetica. The illustrious vernacular, he writes, is no mere form but the only language capable of reflecting the writer's moral and intellectual personality. Therefore, it is suitable only for the most excellent poets seeking to express the noblest subjects: arms, love, and rectitude. As to metrical forms, the highest and most convenient for such lofty subjects, and especially for rectitude, is the canzone. The illustrious vernacular and the canzone are essential components of the superior 'tragic' style. lge8vo. sized volume in a recent half leather binding marbled paper covered boards and with 2 title labels, 5 raised bands. some marginal annot. in pencil. [ DL II/3-3 ]  £55.00

[014047] DARWIN, C.G.,. The New Conceptions of Matter.. G.Bell, 1931; viii, 192 pp., 5 plates, diagr. [science NTR 93 ]* Bd in blue cl gilt, lib. stamps on fr cvr & sp. [ sp science ]  £4.50

[R73649] DASHKOVA , Ekaterina Romanovna (Daschkoff). Mémoires de la Princesse Daschkoff. Dame d'honneur De Catherine II, Impératrice de toutes les Russies. .. Édition présentée et annotéee par Pascal pontremoli. Mercure de France, 1966; 376pp., paperback, covers sl. soiled. [ rl ]  £8.50

[092342HK] Daub, Edward E. - R. Byron Bird - Nobuo Inoue.. Comprehending Technical Japanese.. ISBN: 0299066800. Contents:preface, explanatory notes, lessons 1 - 25. Appendixes: A. Kanji Frequencylists. B. The five hundred Kanji tabulated according to on readings. C. The five hundred Kanji tabulated according to stroke count. D. The five hundred Kanji tabulated according to Nelson's radicals. E. Readings of mathematical expressions. F. Index to construction examples. G. Index to explanatory notes. H. Dictionaries and reference works. The University of Wisconsin Press, 1975. 437pp., good hardback in torn d/j. text sl. browned [ SP langs]  £8.00

[003591] DAUDET, L., [ Alphonse-Marie-Léon ]. Les Effondrements sociaux, 4 Volumes. comprising: Verts d'Academie et Vers de Presse. Termites parlementaires. Les Humanites et la Culture. Le Palais de Police. With illus. by Sennep. Four volumes, Paris, 1930-31; each volume ca. 200pp., incl. numerous full-page political cartoon illus.; orig. pr. wrps. * Edition originale. paper . He was a founder member of the Action française , French journalist and novelist, the most virulent and bitterly satirical polemicist of his generation in France, whose literary reputation rests largely upon his journalistic work and his vivid memoirs.[ f lot ]  £15.00

[R71750] DAV 1924-1937.. Reprint Edition.. Bratislava, Slov. Akad. Vied, 1965, 3 volumes, folio, illustrations by Frans Masereel, George Gross, Chagall a.o. cloth / together with DAV Spomienky a studie. ed. Karol Rosenbaum. Bratislava 1965, 491 [3] pp., hardback in d/j [ leftist journal ] [ sp Czech ]  £45.00

[016748] DAVIS, T. W. (ed),. Committees for Repeal of the Test and Corporation Acts.. .., Minutes 1786-90 and 1827-8. [London Record Society vol XIV]. London, 1978; xxvi, 127pp; bound in publisher's cloth (spine gilt); spine v sl sunned, but brightly lettered; small inscription, otherwise in very good condition. *The minutes of these two London committees of Protestant dissentors show how two early "pressure groups" functioned internally, and sought to broaden the definition of religio us toleration. With biographical sketches and an index [ sp brit his ]  £5.95

[091994] DE BURY, RICHARD. Philobiblon. the text and translation of E.C. Thomas, sometime scholor of Trinity college. Edited with a foreword by Michael MacLagan Fellow of Trinity College. Oxford, Shakespeare Head Press / Basil Blackwell. 1960, Limited/Numbered. Half Morocco, 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. 191 pp, cloth has a hardly noticeable dent to front board. Very Good/ copy . this is number 230, the edition was prepared in honour of the 70th birthday, on 29 May 1959, of Sir Basil Blackwell by his sons and colleagues. Book design by Ruari McLean and printed by Vivian Ridler at the Oxford University Press. With 2 coloured coats of arms on title pages (Latin/English on opposite pages as is the text. Text sl. darkened [ DR 4 ]  £125.00

[006935] DE LA CALPRENADE,. Cleopatre, dedie à Monseigneur le Prince.. 11. & 12. Partie. Two parts in one volume, Leyden, 1658; 326, 376pp.; 17th or 18th C. calf, spine gilt with raised bands, gilt rule on bds, min. ornament of an acorn in each corner, marbled, red speckled edges; head of spine chipped, hinges split, spine somewhat rubbed, bds a little stained, stain to inner margin of t.p. of Vol.11, bookplate of the Earl of Guildford at "Wroxton Abby". * The final two volumes of one of the more popular novels of the 17th C., which is seldom found complete. Brunet states that the Leiden edition is considered more attractive than the Paris original. A few marginal tears & holes to contents, which are nevertheless generally fresh; the binding, probably contemporary, is used but firm. spine worn [Willems 633] ex-library the Earl of Guilford Wroxton Abby with his ex-libris on inside front board. [ DR-1]  £35.00

[011952] De La Fontaine, Jean. OEUVRES DIVERSES.. NRF, Bibliotheque de la Pleiade volume 62 , . Texte etabli et annoté par Pierre Clarac. NRF, 1942, Xlv, 1094pp.; cnrs and spine edges rubbed. Good condition. [ wb 3]  £17.40

[F0038] DE LA FONTAINE, JEAN.. CONTES DE LA FONTAINE Édition illustrée de 180 vignette dans le texte par Tony Johannot, C. Boulanger, Roqueplan, Fragonard Père, etc. et de nouveau dessins hors-texte par Staal. Précédée d'une introduction par Louis Moland. Paris, Garnier Frères, n.d in quarter red morocco with a richly decorated spine, 5 raised bands ((spine sl. worn at the bands and top and bottom, 589pp, illustrated with 180 text vignettes by Tony Johannot, C. Boulanger, Roqueplan, Fragonard Père, etc. and engravings on plates by Staal. Introduction by Louis Moland.. signature in ink on half title. A fine copy ¶ Appendice: Contes attribueés à La Fontaine": p. 521-584. + Bibliographical footnotes.  £65.00

[F0391] de la Taille, Maurito, S.J. (ed.). Mysterium Fidei de Augustissimo, Corporis et Sanguinis Christi Sacrificio atque Sacramento.. Elucidations L in tres Libro Distinctae. Paris, 1924, editio altera (indexed); lge qto; xvi, 665pp; with frontispieces & b/w plates from paintings, triptychs & stained glass; bookplate & old lib. stamp; text good and sou nd. in new cloth binding, gilt lettering on spine. *Scarce [ST]  £35.00

[003496] DE MUSSET, A.,. Comedies et Proverbes [Oeuvres Completes]. 3 Volumes. Paris: A.Lemerre, n.d. [ca.1880]; 12mo; 455, 407, 415pp., with port. front.; cont. half red morocco leather binding with raised bands, t.e.g.; spines darkened, corners of Vol.I v. sl. rubbed. * Three volumes of Lemerre's series of the collected works, v.g.set [ WB 4 ]  £38.00

[F0136] DE SAINT EXUPERY, ANTOINE. Pilote de Guerre. New York, Editions Ed La Maison Francaise, on reverse title page: Copyright 1942 by Reynal & Hitchcock , 253 [3]pp., grea wrappers, title in red and black on front cover and spine. one corner knocked, text sl. yellowed, cover discoloured, spine sl. sunned, WITH DEDICATION: Pour Monsieur et Madame Seznec Avec toute mon amitié. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. (Seznec was professor of French at Oxford) Loosely inserted is a one page handwritten letter of 9 lines in pencil, undated but signed in full : Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. ¶ SAINT EXUPERY, ANTOINE DE (1900-44). French writer and aviator. From 1926 he was a commercial and test pilot. Killed during a reconnaissance flight over North Africa in World War II. Best remembered for writing his beloved aviation themed book, The Little Prince.  £2,500.00

[F0251] De Sauroy, Joseph Durey. The Masked Lady ( Le Masque ). Chapman & Hall, Ltd.. 1926. Number 123 of a limited Edition of 1000 copies. Patterned paper covered boards linen spine with gilt titling. t.e.g. no dust wrapper. Introduction by Andre Maurois. Translated by Eric Sutton. Printed at the Curwen Press. end papers discoloured. [ SP French ]  £6.50

[shop Serb] DEDIJER, V., Dnevnik. 2nd. enl. edn. Belgrade, Jugoslovenska. Dnevnik. 2nd. enl. edn.. Belgrade, Jugoslovenska Knjiga, 1951, 871pp., num. ills., facsimiles, parly folding and in colour, and photograps, map on paste-down endpapers. Bound { partisan war in Yogoslavia operation overlord Stalin Tehran conference December 1943 }[ sp Serb his ]  £25.00

[008751] DELILLE, J.,. Oeuvres. 14 Volumes. Paris, Michaud freres, 1808 - 1818]; 12mo; each volume c. 300pp., with a few copper-engr. frontisp. or plates; in new dark pink wrappers, new printed paper labels;, Delille's reputation as poet and translator was high in the Empire period though it sank abruptly after the fall of Napoleon. Included in these fourteen volumes are his translations of Vergil - Latin/French parallel editions of L'Eneide 4 volumes , les Georgiques, with scholarly apparatus - and his own L'Homme des champs, La Pitie, L'Imagination 2 volumes, La Conversation, Les trois regnes de la nature 2 volumes , Poesies fugitives, & the 1813 edition of the poem for which he is now best remembered - Les Jardins (revue, corrigee et augmente text edges uncut, text very ocas. sl. spotted, sl. darkened overall, small marginal bookworm holes in one volume.[WB 4]  £125.00

[R72239] Desnitskii, V.; Piksanov, N. i dr. (eds.). Istoriya russkoi literatury. V 10-ti tomakh. Volumes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (1+2), 9 (1+2), 10. (Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Institut russkoi literatury (Pushkinskii Dom)). Vol. 1+2 missing; vol. 5 (Chast' vtoraya) never issued. Vol.3: Literatura XVIII veka: Chast' pervaya. - Vol.4: Literatura XVIII veka: Chast' vtoraya. - Vol. 5: Literatura pervoi poloviny XIX veka: Chast' pervaya. - Vol. 6: Literatura 1820-1830-kh godov. - Vol.7: Literatura 1840-kh godov. - Vol.8 (Chast' pervaya): Literatura shestidesyatukh godov. - Vol. 8 (Chast' vtoraya): Literatura shestidesyatykh godov. - Vol. 9 (Chast' pervaya): Literatura 70-80-kh godov. - Vol. 9 (Chast' vtoraya): Literatura 70-80-kh godov. - Vol. 10: Literatura 1890-1917 godov. Moskva / Leningrad: Izdatel'stvo Akademii nauk SSSR, 1941-1954. 423, 572, 439, 612, 783, 635, 511, 533, 627, 803 pp., photographs tipped in plates, color and b/w illustrations, facsimiles, small quarto-sized volume, very good hardback, corners bumped, ex-library copy, some pencil scoring, otherwise very good condition.  £75.00

[090943] Despodova, V., K. Bicevska, D. Pandev, L. Mitrevski (Eds).. Karpinsko evangelie (Carpinian Gospel) 2nd Quarter 14th Century.. Makedonski Srednovekovni Rakopisi, IV (Macedonian Medieval Manuscripts, IV). 210x280, scanned text of the gospels, photos, comments and linguistic analyses. In Macedonian with English summary.Skopje, Institut za staroslovenska kultura, 1995, 475pp. smfolio, fine hardback in ditto dust jacket. the facsimile includes 6 pages in full colours. [ Macedonia Balkans ]  £45.00

[F0152] Dexter, Colin,. The Fourth Inspector Morse Omnibus Containing The Way through Nthe Woods; The Daughters of Cain; Death is Now My Neighbour.. Harper Collins, 1996, 792pp., paperback, sl. damage to top of frpont cover. SIGNED BY THE ACTOR JOHN THAW DURING THE FILMING OF THE 25TH ANDS LAST EPISODE OF MORSE IN THORNTON'S BOOKSHOP (see the photographs of that day on our site)  £35.00

[F0013] Dickinson, Patrick (Director). Festival of Poetry at the Royal Court Theatre 1963 Souvenir Programme. Decorated orange wrappers. With photographs of the contributing authors / poets. First edition, including a brief introductory note by Eliot, and poems by Edward Luicie Smith, Roy Fuller, Stevie Smith, C.Day Lewis, Michael Hastings, articles by Dannie Abse et al. . Fine. GALLUP B86.  £6.00

[M784] DILLON, Janette. Geoffrey Chaucer. [Writers in Their Time. Gen.ed. Norman Page]. Basingstoke, 1993; x, 212pp; publ. hard-back binding; dustwrapper; base of spine v sl bumped, two leaves (pp105-8) have repaired tears, otherwise very good. *Situating Chaucer's life in the context of fourteenth century history, this book focusses on particular poetic texts, including "The Canterbury Tales", "Troilus and Criseyde", "The Book of the Duchess" and "The Parliament of Fowls", interpreted in the light of contemporary ideology., excellent condition  £7.50

[015691] DILWORTH.M.. The Scots in Franconia. A century of Monastic Life, Scottish Academic Press, Edinburgh, 1974,301pp, plates, hardback in d/j {d/j sl. frayed) o/w/ v/g/ [ SP]  £8.50

[R70027] DINGLEY, J.,. The Peripheral Plural Endings Of Nouns In Petrine Sermons.. (Slavistische Beiträge volume 173 ) 1983; 388pp., paper, [ sp slav lings ]  £6.00

[010563] Dobrovol'skii, Andrei:. Ustav torgovyi: s' raz'iazneniiami po riesheniiam Pravitel'stvuiushchago Senata.. 2 izd. ST. Perterburg: Zakonoviedienie, 1909, quarter calf on marbled boards, rubbed, tips chipped. 24cm. Viii, 495pp. { OCLC 22556330 }  £75.00

[091344] DOBROVSKY,J.. Podrobna mluvnice jazyka cheskeno. V redakcich z roku 1809 A 1819.. (Spisy a projevy Josefa Dobrovskeho IX) Covers the editions 1809: Ausführliches Lehrgabäude der Böhmischen Sprache, zur gründdlichen Erlernung derselben für Deutsche, zur volkommenern Kennniss für Böhmen von Joseph Dobrowsky. Prag 1809 / 1819: Lehrgebäude der Böhmischen Sprache. Zum Theile verkürzt, zum Theile umgearbeitet und vermehrt. von Joseph Dombrowsky. Prag 1819. (with facsimiles of the original 2 title pages) Prague 1940, 992pp., last 40 pp. with some staining to outer edges. binding a bit bumped at the top without any serious damage, sturdy volume, but also heavy. important textbook of the Czech (Bohemian) language for German readers. with several fold-out plates. [sp Czech ]  £24.50

[092239HK] DONIACH, N. S. / KAHANE, A. (EDS.). The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary. Hard Cover. ISBN: 0198643225. The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary Oxford and New York, Oxford University Press. 1996, First Edition. (ISBN: 0198643225) Original Cloth, large 8vo. xxiv, 1091 pages; HARDCOVER edition; published in collaboration with The Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. Very Good copy The only Hebrew Dictionary reflecting twentieth century scholarship. The Oxford English-Hebrew Dictionary is a landmark in the description of modern Hebrew. Hailed by the Jewish Chronicle as a `tremendous advance over previous works', it provides a unique description of Hebrew language as it is encountered and used today, covering formal and poetic Hebrew as well as current idioms and phrases, slang and colloquialisms. Descriptive not prescriptive The first dictionary to describe rather than prescribe contemporary Hebrew. Exceptionally wide coverage Coverage of technical and scientific terminology; academic discourse; vocabulary from fields such as law and medicine, as well as slang and colloquialisms. Clear labelling system The labelling system allows quick identification of context, register, and usage. [ sp]  £13.00

[R73413] Doring, J.R., Holthusen, J. (eds.). Literaturwissenschaftliches Seminar ZUR ANALYSE DREIER ERZAHLUNGEN VON VL.I. DAL'. Modellierung Eines Lebensweges.. (Slavistische Beitrage, Band 93) München: Verlag Otto Sagner, 1975. 203 pp., bibliography, very good paperback.  £4.50

[R70478] Dostoevskii - Grossman,L., V.Polonskii. Spor o Bakunine I Dostoevskom .. X, Stat'i L.P.Grossmana i Vyach.Polonskogo. Leningrad, Gosudarstvennoe izd-vo, 1926; 215pp., rebound, original text and xerox copy of the original paper cover pasted onto front board, title page preserved, thougth repaired at the left margin, text intact  £35.00

[R73158] DOSTOEVSKII, F.. Publitsistika 1860-kh Godov. ( Sobranie sochinenii v 15-i tomakh. Vol.11 ). Publikuyutsya teksty statei, fel'etonov i zametok F. M. Dostoevskogo. Vstupitel'naya stat'ya i primechaniya V. A. Tunimanova. Sankt-Peterburg: "Nauka", 1993; 572pp., fine hardback.  £3.50

[R73661] DOSTOEVSKII, F.M.,. Zapiski Iz Mertvogo Doma. Unizhennye I Oskorblennye.. Sankt-Peterburg, Bibliopolis, 1994, 775pp., ( volume 1 of Romamy v shesti tomakh ) hardback in d/j  £9.00

[F0795] DOstoevsky, Fyodor,. The Brothers Karamazov . a Novel in Four Parts and an Epilogue. A New Translation. Translated by David McDuff, Penguin classics, 1993, XXIX,920pp., + publisher's adverts. good paperback, text yellowed [ RL]  £6.50

[030305] DRABBLE, Margaret. A Natural Curiosity. London, 1989; 309pp; in publisher's limited ed. quarter-cloth binding with gilt rules & marbled paper on boards; one miniscule mark on cloth, otherwise fine. *SIGNED by the AUTHOR, first edition, and numbered 17 of the 150 only numbered copies. [ DR - M ]  £45.00

[091603] DRAGE, C., VICKERY, W.,. An XVIIIth century Russian Reader.. 1969; 346pp., paper, [sp x 4 ]  £8.50

[092849] Drayton, Michael (1563 - 1631 ). Nimphidia: The Court of Fayrie. Circa 1625. Illustrated by Nicholas Parry. Nimphidia: The Court of Fayrie. Circa 1625. Illustrated by Nicholas Parry. Tern Press, Market Drayton. 2004, Sixteen watercolours. 52(2)p. 13" x 9.25". Original watercolours scanned and printed digitally by North Shropshire Printers. Text in Caslon on Magnani. Grey cloth spine , leaf-print pattern in brown and tan paper over boards. One of a limited edition of 50 copies. Nimphidia is a narrative poem (published in 1627) about fairies, with King Oberon having many adventures when he sets off in pursuit of his queen. ¶ Michael Drayton (1563-1631). was born at Hartshill in Warwickshire in 1563 and as a youth became page to Sir Henry Goodeere of Polesworth. Goodeere is to be credited for Drayton's education. Drayton fell in love with Sir Henry's daughter, Anne, who served as an inspiration for 'Idea'. Drayton's career as a poet was long: from his first published work in 1591 to his last in 1630. He died in comparative poverty, but was buried in Westminster Abbey. He was an extremely prolific writer, producing historical, topographical, and religious verse, as well as odes, sonnets, and satires. His The Ballad of Agincourt opens with the famous lines: "fayre stood the winde for France When we our sailes advaunce ". This, Drayton's most popular work. Nymphidia is a mock-heroic series of fairy poems, or 'Nimphalls'1, much influenced by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Drayton died in London on December 2, 1631. He was buried in Westminster Abbey under a monument with an epitaph by Ben Jonson commissioned by the Countess of Dorset. [ DR - 3 ]  £185.00

[091875] Dreyfus, John,. A History of the Nonesuch Press. With an Introduction by Geoffrey Keynes & A Descriptive Catalogue by David McKitterick, Simon Rendall and John Dreyfus. One of 950 copies. Folio, original cloth, dust jacket. London, the Nonesuch Press. 1981. An fine copy printed and bound at the university press Cambridge. [ DL II/5]  £150.00

[AZF0734sh] DRIVER, S.R.,. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Deuteronomy.. ( The intern. crit. commentary on the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament ) Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1896, 2nd edition. XCV, 434pp., + publisher's catalogue, green cloth with gilt lettering on spine. binding worn. [ AL + sp ]  £7.50

[F0486HK] Drory, Joseph. Ibn el Arabi of Seville: A Journey to Eretz Israel (1092-1095) IN HEBREW. Ranmat-Gan, Bar-Ilan university, 1993, 201pp., hardback in d/j [ ST ] text in Hebrew  £9.00

[030617] DROSTE-HÜLSHOFF, A. Von. Die Judenbuche. Ein Sittengemälde Aus Dem Gebirgichten Westfalen. 0, München, Bibliothek SG, 1987; slim 8vo; 72pp; bound in publ. boards; a neat volume in very good condition. [ DL Juda ]  £6.50

[F0378] DRUON, Maurice, .. Le Bonheur Des Uns.... Plon, 1967, 342 [2]pp v.g. hardback in dust jacket, small tear in rear top of d/j which is also frayed at the top. Wwith long signed autograph dedication in ink dated 1967. [ Dr M ]  £25.00

[R70723] DUDINTSEV,V.. Ne khlebom edinym.. X, Roman v chetyrekh chastyakh. Myunkhen. Izdanie Tsentral'nogo ob'edineniya Politicheskikh emigrantov iz SSSR (TsOPE), 1957; 296pp., paper,  £14.50

[F0411] Dugdale, Sir William,. Monasticon anglicanum : a history of the abbies & other monasteries hospitals frieries & cathedral & collegiate churches with their dependencies in England & Wales ; also of all such Scotch Irish & French monasteries . Volume 4. ISBN: 576789054. as were in any manner connected with religious houses in England. Together with a particular account of their respective foundations, grants, and donations, and a full statement of their possessions, as well temporal as spiritual. / Originally published in Latin by Sir William Dugdale, Kt. Garter Principal King at Arms.New ed., enriched with a large accession of materials now first printed from leiger books, chartularies, rolls, and other documents preserved in the national archives, public libraries, and other repositories; the history of each religious foundation in English being prefixed to its respective series of Latin charters. By John Caley, Henry Ellis, and the Rev. Bulkeley Bandinel. Reprint of the 1823 editon, Gregg International 1970. XV, [5] 691pp., + 9 plates one of which is folded. folio, dark blue cloth (sl. soiled) corners sl. bent. text sl. darkekend  £65.00

[092451HK] Dulong, Gaston,. Dictionnaire Des Canadianismes. ISBN: 2921114321. Larousse Canada, 1989, xiii, map ocross2 pages, 461pp., very good hardback [ 2920318071 ] [ sp langs ]  £15.00

[017303] DUMAS, Alexandre (fils) ( 1824 - 1895 ). LA FEMME DE CLAUDE. Piece avec Preface. Paris: Michel. Levy Freres. 1873. Lg. 8vo. lxxiv,88pp. The special large paper edition limited to 31 copies, this being number 22 of 25 copies printed on Hollande paper. Bound in h alf red morocco. (circa 1900) over marbled boards, with the monogram of the owner (Baron de Fleury ?) at the bottom of the spine. With the ex-libris of the Baron de Fleury on the inside of the front board. This copy is inscribed and signed by Alexandre Dumas on the half-title. ¶ in La Femme de Claude (1873) Dumas argues the right of the husband to take the law into his own hand and kill the wife who is unfaithful and worthless -- a thesis again defended in his novel, L'Afaire Clémenceau, and in his pamphlet, L'Homme-femme; [ DR- M ]  £450.00

[SH0168] Duséjour, Mm. D.. The Origin of the Graces. Vizetelly & Co., London, n.d. (c.1900 reissue of 18th cent.vol. ); 63 + [iii] pp; 6 tissued plates (see below); publ. cloth-backed boards; spine ends sl. worn, edges of boards worn; new endpapers. *Illustrated with plates made from the original copper-plate engravings after the designs of C.N.COCHIN. One of 1100 copies on hand-made paper.Text darkened  £8.50

[F0122] Dutch Literature, Fiction, History A.o.. Collection of 56 Titles. .., Verzameling Nederlandse en Vlaamse literatuur en vertelkunst , ook enige vertalingen, misdaad romans en literaire kritiek en dan natuurlijk ook boeken van die arme vertellers niet voor vol aangezien door hen die echte literatuur schrijven….. .Alleen te koop als collectie. Bestaande uit 1) Paul van Ostaijen: Verzameld werk deel 1 poezie; deel 3: proza. 2e en 3e herz.druk, Bert Bakker/Daamen, 1965, paperbacks 2) SCHENDEL Arthur van, DE NEDERLANDEN, een gedicht. Meulenhoff, 1945, in browned worn d/j 3) Bep Vuyk: Het laatste huis van de wereld, 5e druk, Nijgh & Vcan Ditmar, 1954, boards, ex-library with stamps 4) Theun de Vries: Het zwaard, de zee en het valse hart. Boekenweek 1966, paperback 5) ------------------: Februari. Roman uit het bezettingsjaar 1941. Pegasus, 1968, hardback front hinge weak. 6) Arthur van Schendel. Menschen en honden. De hond als metgezel van den mensch zooals schrijvers en dichters door alle eeuwen hem hebben gezien. Een bloemlezig. Meulenhoff 1947, boards, linen spine 7) J. SlauerhoffL verzamede werken delen VI en VII, VI: Proza deel III.Het leven op aarde. ; VII: Proza deel IV. De opostand van Guadalajara -aanhangsel. Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 1947 - 1954, cloth in d/j's 8) Simon Vinkenoog: Liefde zeventig dagen op ooghoogte. Bezige Bij, 1965, paperback 9) Simon Vinkenoog: Zolang te water. Een alibi. Bezige Bij 1954, boards 10) Hugo Raes: Banakroet van een charmeur. Verhalen. Bezige Bij, 1967. Paperback. 11) Helga Ruebsamen: Wonderolie. Quereido 1970. Paperback 12) Gerard Kornel;is van het Reve: De taal der liefde Athenaeum-Polak & Van Gennep, 3e druk, 1972, paperback ( met krantenknipsels of R ) 13) Hubert Lampo: Dochters van Lemurie. Meulenhoff, 2e druk 1966. Cloth in d/j 14) ----------------- : Hermione betrapt. Roman. Stols, 1962. Cloth 15) -----------------: De duivel en de maagd. Nijgh & Van Ditmar, Stols Barth, 4e druk. S.d. hardback in d/j 16) ------------------: De belofte aan Rachel. Meulenhoff, 1964. Paperback. 17) Anton Gerits: Muisstil. Van Kampen, s.d. paperback 18) Adriaan Morrien: Concurreren met de sterren. Van Oorscchot, 1959, boards 19) Hugo Claus: de geruchten. Bezige Bij 12e druk 2000, paperback 20) Eduard du Perron: De smalle mens II. Van Oorschot 1965, boards 21) A.M. de Jong: Omnibus Het verraad. De rijkaard/ Freans van Wezels roemruchte jaren. De schotel. Arbeiderspers, 1960, hardback 22) Nescio: Nit eerder gepubliceerde verhalen en fragmenten. (Tirade Februari 1962 ) paperback 23) Rinus Ferdinandusse: zij droeg die nacht een paars corset ABC boeken 1968, paperback 24) -------------------------: Naakt over de schutting. ABC boeken 1967, paperback 25) --------------------------: en het hoofd werd op de tafel gezet. Arbeiderspers, 1970. Paperback 26) --------------------------: de bloedkoralen van de bastaard. Arbeiderspers 1971, Paperback 27) --------------------------: De brede rug van de Nederlandse maagd. Arbeiderspers,1968 28) Koos van Zomeren: Haagse Lente. Bruna, 1981. Paperback 29) De grote vier omnibus: Antoon Coolen. Willy Corsari. Johan Fabricius. Jan Mens. Arbeiderspers 1962, hardback 30) Arie van der Lugt: God schudde de wateren. Trilogie. Gottmer, 1977, hardback in d/j 31) P.A. de Genestet: Complete gedichten. Inl. H.L. Oort . Mij. Voor goede en goedkope lectuur. 1912,. Hardback. Hinges split. 32) J.H.W. Veenstra: D'Artagnan tegen Jan Fuselier. E. du Perron als Indisch polemist. Van Oorschot, 1962, boards 33) Jan de Hartog: Herinneringen van een bramzijgertje. Boekenweekgeschenk 1967, paperback 34) ----------------: De kapitein. Elsevier, 1967. Hardback in d/j 35) Ivo Michiles: Het afscheid. Roman. Standaard Boekhandel 1957, hardback 36) Max Croiset: Zeekant. Stols, s.d. wrappers 37) Jenne Clinge Doorenbos: Wisselend getij. Dichterlijke en politieke activiteit in Herman Gorters leven. Polak & Van Gennep, 1964, paperback 38) Aart van der Leeuw: Ik en mijn speelman. Nijgh & Van Ditmar, 1951. 21e druk. Boards 39) Antoon Coolen: Peelwerkers. 10e druk. Nijg & Van dditmar, 1953, boards 40) Guido Gezelle: Dichtwerken, Gelegenheispoëzie, / Proza en varia. 4 volumes., gedeeltelijk derde herzien druk. L.J. Veen, 1930, blue cloth Salamander reeks uitgegeven door E.M. Querido, in blauwe band: nummers 41 t/m 56 41) Adriaan van der Veen: wij hebben vleugels. 1953, 42) ---------------------------: Het wilde feest. 1956, 43) Jan Mens: mensen zonder geld. 1952 44) Johan de Meester: Allerlei mensen. 1954 45) Aart van der Leeuw: Kinderland. 1948 46) Jan Walch: In een laaiende lente. 1950 47) H.J. Friedericy: De laatste generaal.. 1958 48) Jacques Gans: Liefde en goudvischen. 1952 49) Arthur van Schendel: Blanke gestalten. 1946 50) Cor Bruijn: De overgang van diewertje Stam. 1951 51) Jeanne van Schaik-Willing. 1937 52) B. Roest Crollius: Onheil in de verte. 1939 53) A. den Doolaard: Wampie de roman van een zorgeloze zomer. 1951 54) --------------------: Orient express. 1940 55) Anthonie donker: schaduw der bergen. 1949 56) Albert Helman: Mijn aap schreit en Het euvel Gods. 1957. 57) Paul Rodenko: Nieuwe griffels schone leien. Bert/Bakker / Daamen, 1957, paperback 57) Chr. Leeflang: Feesten der kerk. Bezige Bij 1958, paperback 58) Youp van 't Hek: Rijke meiden en andere verhalen. Thomas Rap, 7e druk, 1997, paperback 59) Simon Carmiggelt en Peter van Straten: Mooi kado. Boekenweek 1979, paperback 60) Belcampo: Het grote gebeuren. Verhaal. Geillustreerd. Wereldbibliotheek, 1959, paperback 61) Karel Jonckheere: Poezie is overal. Van Bijbel tot Eskimo. Antwerpen 1969, boards 62) Emily Bronte: Wilde Hoogten. Vertaald door Clara Eggink. Geill. Pers, s.d. 63) Raymond Westerling: Ich war kein Rebell. Meine Abenteuer in Indonesien. Ullstein, 1953, hardback 64) C.J.E, Dinaux: Vlaamse schrijvers. Gegist bestek deel II. Met 37 schrijvers portretten. Contact, 1964, paperback. 65) Wim Kan: De dagboeken van 1957 - 1968. Balans, 3e druk, 1988, paperback 66) L.J. Brugmans: Stapvoets voorwaarts. Sociale geschiedenis van Nederland in de negentiende eeuw. 2e herz. druk. Fibula Van Dishoeck, 1978, hardback in d/j 67) W.A. Braasem: Sulcken hecht werk het is. Het huis te Amerongen. Veel kleuren foto's. cloth  £160.00