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 Francis James Ronald Bottrall (2 September 1906, Camborne, Cornwall-25 June 1989) ,  Cornish poet. He was praised highly by F.R. Leavis and Martin Seymour-Smith. He won a scholarship to Cambridge, and spent his working life abroad. His few successful poems occur amongst a mass of intelligent work. 

Honours and awards

• OBE, 1949.
• Coronation Medal, 1953
• Syracuse International Poetry Prize, 1954
• Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, 1955
• Knight of St. John, 1972
• Grande Ufficiale dell'Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana, 1973
• Knight Commander, Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Malta, 1977

A collection of 41 (43 of which 2 duplicates) poetry magazines of which most include Bottrall’s poems / articles ( one by his wife Margaret) from the poet’s library. 

And 10 titles dedicated to him by Italian, Spanish, Brasilian  and Swedish poets 

Also the June 1928 issue of THE PEM, , his Cambridge college’s student paper at the time. 

1. HAMILTON, I. (Ed.), the Review. No. 27-28, Autumn-Winter. 1971-72; 88pp., paper. *Contribs.: J. REEVES, ROY FULLER, CLIVE JAMES, et al. 

2. ALLWOOD, M. S.: Ronald Bottrall. In: BLM Bonniers Litterära Magasin, No. 8, October 1944, pp. 641 736. Pa. (The article appears on pp. 676 681).

3. Ronald Bottrall: MUSIC. (For Cecile Howard). (A poem). In: Nine. A Magazine of poery and criticism. No. 4, Summer, 1950, Pa. 4pp. + 173-262pp. + 2pp, black and white illustrations, printed wrappers. Also includes contributions from T. S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, T. E. Lawrence, Jorge Luis Borges, Roy Campbell and others. Two previously unpublished letters by T E Lawrence included

4. WALL, B. & M. HARARI (Eds.), The Changing World. No. 5, Aug., Sep., Oct. 1948; 96pp., paper. *Contribs.: Ronald BOTTRALL: Petroushka (poem) , Prolegomena (poem). RAMON GOMEZ DE LA SERNA, G.S. FRASER, et al.

6. RONALD BOTTRALL: MATTERS OF FORM. (An article). AND THE FOLLOWING POEMS: THE ANCIENT ENEMIES,  GONE WITH THE GOD, LANDFALL,  EBB AND FLOW,  WESTERING (For Eve Herring),  THE SECOND OF FEBRUARY,  REMEMBERING WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS. (7 poems). In: Landfall, A New Zealand Quarterly, No. 123, September 1977, pp. 195  288. Pa. (pp. 260 266).

7. PARKER, D. (Ed.), Poetry Review. Vol. 60, No 3 - Autumn. 1969; 137-220pp., paper; sl. staining to covers. *Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: Eating people is wrong (poem); Y. DANIEL, A. HOLLO, A. HOWELL, P. HOBSBAUM, et al. 

8. FERRETT, MABEL, Orbis 38 (Incorporating SCRIP). International Poetry Society. April, . 1980; 36pp., paper. *Contribs.: Cal Clothier, Pam Croome, Tsutomu Fukuda, Ondra Lysohorsky, et al. Bottrall was one of the honorary fellows of this society along with for example Kingsley Amis , John Betjeman and Edmund Blunden

9. MOORE, N. (Ed.), New Poetry - 1.  paper. *Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: song (poem on p. 18 ); LAWRENCE DURRELL, P. GOODMAN, P. YATES, S. COATES, H. GREGORY, et al. Fortune Press, London [1944]. 1st ed., first printing. 8vo. With an attractive upper cover by Lucien Freud. 32 pages of poems from a range of contributors including Lawrence Durrell; G.S. Fraser; Ronald Bottrall and Horace Gregory. In the publisher's lemon-yellow wraps

10. LEE, BRIAN, In England, In 1974. HQ Press, 1974; 45pp., paper. *With Dedication on title-page "To Ronald Bottrall - with compliments - Brian Lee".

11.Ronald Bottrall:  INWARD RESPONSE. (A poem in Greek). In: Athinaika Grammata, No. 4, October 1957, 6pp. Pa. (pp. 5). 

12. BOTTRALL, MARGARET, A poet of epiphanies. (Based on a talk ON GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS given to the Epiphany Philosophers, January 1977.) n.d., 81-95pp., offprint from "Theoria to Theory", Vol. 11, Gordon & Breach Science Publ. Ltd. 1977

13. BURNHAM, J. & P. WHEELWRIGHT (Eds.), The Symposium. A Critical Review. January 1932, Vol. III, No 1. NY, 1932; 128pp., paper; covers worn at extremities, else v. good. *Contents: P. WHEELWRIGHT : A Defense of Orthodoxy; T. LAWRASON RIGGS: Is Mysticism Enough?; C.R. MORSE : Derain,; W. TROY: Virginia Woolf: The Poetic Method, R. TAUPIN : The Classicism of T.S. Eliot, &tc. 

14. PARKER, D. (Ed.), The Poetry Review. Journal of the Poetry Society. Vol. LX, Spring. 1969; 68pp. with some line illus., paper. *Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: Futile defences ( poem) . J. ENNIS, F. GRUBB, I. WEBB, A. HOWELL, et al. 

15. PARKER, D. (Ed.), Poetry Review. Vol. 60, No 4 - Winter. 1969; 221-308pp., paper. *Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: Winged light (poem) , W.H. AUDEN, J. CLEMO, T. POTTER, J. HEATH-STUBBS, et al. 

16. THE WITNESS. (A poem by Philip Gardner). In: Smoke, No. 19, No Year, 20pp. Pa. (Front  cover dedication by Ph. Gardner "To Ronald + Margot Botrall with bes wishes").

17. JEFFARES, A.N. (Ed.), A Review of English Literature. Vol. I, No. 3, July. 1960; Longmans, 79pp., paper. *Contribs.: E. BIRNEY, T.H. JONES, P. URE, E.M.W. TILLYARD, H. DARBISHIRE, N. MacCRAIG, W. EMPSON, K.& M. ALLOTT.

18. JEFFARES, A.N. (Ed.), A Review of English Literature. The Romantics. Vol. II, No. 1, January. 1961; 95pp., paper. *Contribs.: An Incomplete Wordsworth Essay upon Moral Habits, G. LITTLE; The Meaning of 'Kubla Khan', G. WATSON, Spring Song (poem), W.H. PETTY; et al

19. JEFFARES, A.N. (Ed.), A Review of English Literature. Vol. II, No. 2, April. 1961; Longmans, 102pp., paper. *Contents: RONALD BOTTRALL: L.H. Myers. [including typed corrections for this biographical essay pp. 47 58 ) K. GARVIN; R.F.V. HEUSTON; R. WALLACE; G. TREASE; S.L. GOLDBERG; Ch. BROOKE-ROSE; S.SLATER; R.GREEN; K. GERSHON. (2 copies ) 

20. JEFFARES, A.N. (Ed.), A Review of English Literature. Renaissance Drama. Vol. II, No. 4, October. 1961; 100pp., paper; title-page detached. *Contribs.: The Retrograde Genius of John Marston, G. CROSS; Tragedy: Religious and Humanist, L. LERNER, Malcolm Lowry, et al. 

21. GAWSWORTH, J. (Ed.), Poetry Review. Vol. XLIII, July-September. No 3. 1952; 129-192pp., paper. *Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: Seville, ( poem on page 139), G.S. FRASER, J. HEATH-STUBBS, N. MITCHISON, R.A. TAYLOR, et al. 

22. PARKER, D: Ronald Bottrall: the elaborator. In: Unicorn, Vol. 3, Summer 1961, 36pp. Pa. (pp. 31 36).Also iIncludes contributions from John Wain. David Holbrook and Richard Church.

23. G GRIGSON (ed.) New verse..No.28. 1938. (E Muir, L MacNeice, A Young, G Barker, B Spencer, K Allott, P O'Connor, W H Auden, etc.) front cover loose,  ends with page 22, no rear cover

24. IFOR EVANS, B. (Ed.), The Adelphi. Second Quarter. Staples Press, 1952; 573-655pp., paper. * Incl.: Writing for Actors, RONALD BOTTRALL: Ezra pound; WALTER DE LA MARE Music from the Sea: E.M. Forster at seventy, by J. FULLER; A Poet Comes South by EDMUND BLUNDEN; et al. 

25. ARION. A Quarterly Journal of Classical Culture. Vol. III: No. 4, Winter. 1964; 161pp., paper. Robert. Bottrall: Short essay on classical studies  and education.  Other contributors include W.H. Auden, Kenneth Burke, Allen Ginsberg, Marianne Moore, Iris Murdoch & John Updike,  E. Dahlberg, A. Powell, G. Steiner, .
John Updike, George Steiner, Herbert Read. 

26. PINTER Harold as Harold Pinta  Poetry London Volume 6 Number 22 Summer 1951. London: Editions Poetry, 1951. 40pp. 3 illustrations. Dark green stapled wrappers. Edited by Richard March and Nicholas Moore.  Includes the poem "One a Story, Two a Death, " which is the third published appearance by Harold Pinter, credited here as Harold Pinta. Other contributors include Herbert Read, Osbert Sitwell, Roy Campbell, D.G. Bridson, William Jay Smith, James Reeves, and Ronald Bottral: Variations on a theme of Pound. , and others. ¶ ** Pinter believed an aunt's erroneous view that the family was Sephardic and had fled the Spanish Inquisition; thus, for his early poems, Pinter used the pseudonym Pinta and at other times used variations such as da Pinto. Later research by Lady Antonia Fraser, Pinter's second wife, revealed the legend to be apocryphal; three of Pinter's grandparents came from Poland and the fourth from Odessa, so the family was Ashkenazic. 


27. CONNOLY, C. (Ed.), Horizon. A Review of Literature and Art. October, vol. VI, No. 34. 1942; 223-292pp. with four plates of which 2 by Paul Klee, . *Articles: Bread & Butter and Architecture by  J. SUMMERSON; Mallarmé, by R. MORTIMER; The Wicked Baronet, by L. PEARSALL SMITH; The Freedom of Necessity - III, by ARCHIMEDES; Memories of Paul Klee, J. ADLER; plus poems by Laurence Binyon, Audrey . Beecham & Anne Ridler. 

28. Ronald Bottrall MAY MORNING (For Gino Magnani). (A poem). In: Poetry London, No. 17, January 1950, 32pp. Pa. Also includes Wallace Stevens Angel surrounded by paysans; Ungaretti,  John Heath-Stubbs, 

29. Overland, No. 78, December 1979, Ronald Bottrall: SOCCER and . CRICKET. (two poems). Melbourne, 1979, 72pp. Pa. other contrib. a.o. James McQueen:  the white rainbow; Manning Clark and Jim O’Connor on Brian Fitzpatrick [1905 – 1965) author, historian, journalist and one of the founders of the Australian Council for Civil Liberties.

30. 2Plus2, Fall/Winter 1984, 222pp. Pa. (pp. 187 191). Ronald Bottrall: THE STRESS IS AROUND MY NECK. NIGHTMARE CITY. HOW I WAS NEARLY STRANGLED IN MY PRAM. FRENCH RIVIERA 1925. MEMORABILIA. (Five poems). Other contributors include James Kirkup, David Constantine and numerous others.

31. Atlante, July 1953, pp. 117 169. Pa. (pp. 128 129). MACHADO, A.   Two poems of Antonio Machado translated by Ronald Bottrall, the first one without title the 2nd being “At a friend’s funeral”.. 

32. BAKER, D.V. (Ed.), Cornish Review. No. 2, Summer. 1949; 106pp., paper. *Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: Two poems. (“nightlight” and “gifts “) Bernard leach, W.S. GRAHAM, H.J. WILLMOTT, B. GUTHRIE, et al

33. BAKER, D.V. (Ed.), Cornish Review. No. 7, Spring. 1951; 84pp., paper. *Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: Two songs. R.M. NANCE, W. NICHOLS, J.R. CLEMO, et al.

34. MOORE, N., Seven. The New Magazine. No. 8, Spring. 1940; 32p., paper. *Contribs.: Ronald  BOTTRALL: Autumn retrospect for a spring baby.  LAWRENCE DURRELL ( At nemea) , Wallace Stevens ,Elizabeth Smart et al. [ 2 copies ] 

35. HALTWHISTLE QUARTERLY. A Review. No 6, Winter. 1977; 61pp., paper. *Contribs.: Ronald BOTRALL, four poems , D.S. SAVAGE, P. St. VINCENT, et al.

36. McGrindle, J.F. (Editor) Transatlantic Review 50 Autumn - Winter 1974. Ronald Bottrall: On my sixty-sixth birthday (poem) and contributions by/about Mohammed Mrabet, John Updike, Jane Cooper, W H Auden, Jorge Borges, John Banville, Maureen Duffy, William Goldman, Donald Hall, Kathrin Perutz, Alan Sillitoe, William Trevor, Richard Yates , John Huston, 160pp., 

37. GRIGSON , G., (ed.) New Verse No. 18. December 1935. Poets and the Theatre with contributions by T S Eliot: Audiences, producers, plays, poets., H Jennings, L MacNeice, etc. Poems by Dylan Thomas, David Gascoyne, etc. Reviews by C Madge, G Grigson, etc. 1935, 24pp., 

38. HARVEY, A., & P. Annand (eds.) In Memoriam: W H Auden. (Oxford Poetry Magazine, 1974) 48pp., Contributions by Sally Purcell, John Wain, Peter Levi, Chr. Mann, Elisabeth Jennings, and others, paperback, name/dedication in ink on inside front cover 

39. Townsman: Volume Two: April 1939: Number 6. 1939,  32pp. Contributors: Ezra Pound, Ronald Duncan, Ronald Bottrall: Two poems : “Inward response” and “Breaking light”, E. Tomlin, and others ,  dusty covers, creased at the top.

40. Spender, st. & M.J. Lasky (eds. ) Encounter July 1965, • contributions by Lionel Trilling, Hugo Williams, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Ted Hughes, Jon Silkin, John Betjeman, Isaiah Berlin, John Gross, Richard Ellmann, James Baldwin, Colin MacInnes, Mordecai Richler, Thom Gunn, Stevie Smith and others. 96pp.

41. ROSS, A. (Ed.), London Magazine. November. Vol. 26, NE8. 1986; 112pp. with several text illus., paper. Contribs.: RONALD BOTTRALL: Muslim marriage (poem) , T. Hyman, James Kirkup, Roy Fuller, Elizabeth Jennings et al.


Poetry collections by Spanish, Italian, Swedish and Brasilian  poets 
With the authors’ dedications:

Bartalo CATTAFI :  L'Aria secca del Fuoco. published in the series Lo specchio - i poeti del nostro tempo. Arnoldo Mondadori, 1972, first edition. 211pp., + index. Original wrappers in orange and brown, text sl. yellowed. with an autograph dedication by the author dated 10 April 1972 and signed 

Alberto ARBASINO:  Il Principe Costante. Torino, Einaudi, 1972, 138pp., hardback in d/j jacket damaged at the rear edge.. With the author's autograph signed dedication to Ronald Bottrall on f.e.p

Alberto ARBASINO:  La Bella Di Lodi. Torino, Einaudi, 1972, 172pp., hardback in d/j jacket sl. worn at the top. With the author's autograph signed dedication to Ronald Bottrall on f.e.p 
Nino Alberto Arbasino (1930 - )  born in Voghera, southwestern Lombardy, studied at the University of Milan where he graduated in law. Later he worked as journalist for magazines such as Il Mondo and the newspaper La Repubblica. From 1983 to 1987, he was deputy to the Italian Parliament for the Italian Republican Party. His work include novels and essays. Arbasino has been a member of the Gruppo 63. He describes himself as an expressionist writer and considers his novel Super Eliogabalo ("Super Elagabalus", 1969) as his most surreal and most expressionist book.[1] He now edits and rewrites his various works, which are reprinted in updated versions In the 1970s he was the host of the TV debate show Match. In December 1977 it hosted a famous debate between directors Mario Monicelli and (the emerging) Nanni Moretti. Moretti said that Monicelli's An Average Little Man was a reactionary film.In 2004 he won the Premio Chiara for his career. 

Manuel BANDEIRA:  50 Poemas Escolhidos Pelo Autor.. [Rio de Janeiro, 1955 ] Ministerio da educacao e cultura, servicio de documantacao. (Os cadernos de cultura ) 86pp., paperback. wrappers and text sl. browned. With a handwritten dedication to Ronald Bottrall, by the author, signed and dated Rio (?) 1955. ¶ ** Manuel Bandeira (1886 - 1968) wrote over 20 books of poetry and prose. In 1904, he found out that he suffered from tuberculosis, which encouraged him to move from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, because of Rio's tropical beach weather. In 1922, after an extended stay in Europe where Bandeira met many prominent authors and painters, he contributed poems of political and social criticism to the Modernist Movement in São Paulo. Bandeira began to publish his most important works in 1924. Bandeira became a respected Brazilian author and wrote articles in several newspapers and magazines, as well as teaching Hispanic Literature in Rio de Janeiro. Bandeira began to translate into Portuguese canonical plays of world literature in 1956, which he continued to do until his last days. He died in Rio de Janeiro. Bandeira's poems are of a unique delicacy and beauty. Recurrent themes can be found in his works: the love of women, his childhood in the Northeast city of Recife, friends, health problems. His delicate health affected his poems, in a manner similar to the last poems of Jorge Luis Borges. Many of Manuel Bandeira's poems depict the limits of the human body. 

Johannes EDFELT: Sang För Reskamrater.. Stockholm, Albert Bonniers förlag, 1941, 115pp., cover illustration by Bertil Bull Hedlund, paperback, partly unopened, text sl. darkened. with a signed dedication by the author to Ronald Bottrall, dated 29/4 1942. 
 Bo Johannes Edfelt (1904 - 1997), Swedish writer, poet, translator and literary critic. A native of Tibro, Edfelt was elected to be a member of the Swedish Academy in 1969, occupying seat No. 17. He succeeded Erik Lindegren and, following his death, was succeeded by Horace Engdahl. Amongst other writings, Edfelt translated works by Nelly Sachs, Georg Trakl, Novalis, Andreas Gryphius, T. S. Eliot and Ezra Pound. 

Olof LAGERCRANTZ: Dikter Fran Mossen. Andra Upplagan. Stockholm, Wahlstrom & Widstrand, 1944, 86pp., printed wrappers, partly unopened, With a long signed handwritten dedication in ink to Margaret Bottrall, wife of the poet and literary critic .text yellowed.
Olof Gustaf Hugo Lagercrantz (March 10, 1911 in Stockholm, Sweden - July 23, 2002) was a Swedish writer, critic, literary scholar (Ph.D. 1951), and publicist (editor-in-chief of Dagens Nyheter 1960-1975) Lagercrantz commanded considerable influence as a critic and publicist. He became an expert of sorts in literary biography, and several of his studies on important Swedish writers are still cornerstones of Swedish literary studies, in particular, his biography of August Strindberg (1979) 

Erik LINDEGREN: Sviter. Dikter.. Stockholm, Albert Bonniers förlag, 1947. 86 [1] pp. with a handwritten dedication in ink on the f.e.p. = till Ronald Bottrall lion of poetry and love ! = and signed Erik L. in coloured sl. worn wrappers, 
J. Erik Lindegren ( 1910 - 1968) , Swedish author, poet, critical writer and member of the Swedish Academy (1961- 68, chair 17). 

Erik LINDEGREN: Mannen utan väg. Dikter Stockholm 1942, no. 45 of 150 copies. With the poet’s signed dedication to Ronal Bottrall in ink, wrappers

Vincenzo MASCARO, Vincenzo. Canzoniere dell'esilio (1957-1965). Bologna, Cappelli editore, 1967, 56pp., wrappers. with an autograph signed dediction by the poet to Ronald Bottrall, dated 30-1-1975. also enclosed is the poets typed postcard in Italian, 12 lines, signed and of the same date written from his address in Messina 

Viana HERMOGENES: Versos de Juventude, Recife Ediçoes Guararapes, 1955, 96pp., wrappers. With the poet’s signed dedication to Bottrall, in ink, dated Recife, September 1955. 

SILFVERSTOLPE, GUNNAR MASCOLL: Arvet. Dahlbergs Förlags-AB, Stockholm, 1919. . 85, [2]pp., Originalupplaga. / first edition. full leather binding with gilt title on front panel. marbled end papers,  a..e.g. dedication  to Ronald Bottram, signed and dated  Sept. 1944 by ??? the poet's first work

Lagerkvist, Pär. Onda sagor. Illustrerad av Thor Fagerkvist. Stockholm, Albert Bonniers Forläg, 1943, 62pp., 11 plates,  in protected illustrated wrappers, Illustrated edition of one of Lagerkvist’s finest and most important collections of short stories, originally published in 1924.  Lagerkvist was awarded the Nobel prize for Literature in 1951.text sl. darkened, glassine protection very sl. frayed. 

Price for this collection £ 250.00